Cypripedium parviflbrwn - Family, Orchis. Color, bright yellow, with a tinge of purple or purplish stripes or spots upon the petals, which are often twisted. Perianth divisions longer than the lip, which is yellow. Stem, 2 feet high, leafy. This has a subtle, rare fragrance. May to July.

In swamps or bogs northward, and in the mountains of Virginia.

1 Now named H. hirsuta.

Var. pubescens (Larger Lady's Slipper) differs in being a larger flower with stem about the same height, 1 to 2 feet. Lip, a greenish yellow, striped with purple, Sepals, lance - shaped, long, twisted, lip much swollen. Leaves, oval, pointed, quite broad, those under the flower linear.

Twayblade Listera con-vattarioldes rises from a cluster of fibrous roots 4 to 10 inches high, with 2 broad, roundish leaves near the center of the scape. 1 or 2 small scales near the base. Flowers, greenish yellow, on thread-like pedicels attended by a tiny bract, in loose racemes, 3 to 12 in a spike. Lip much longer than the sepals and petals, double-lobed at the apex, generally with 2 sharp, ear-like projections at the base. Summer.

From Vermont southward to North Carolina; found in the Southern States among the mountains.