Family, Composite. Color, white, with a pale yellow center. Disk and ray flowers present. The flowers grow in flat-topped clusters on plants 1 to 3 feet high. Leaves, serrate or smooth, thin, sessile, upper ones very much reduced, linear, generally hairy. July to September.

A common and conspicuous plant found on borders of thickets and woods and along roadsides in dry, sandy soil. Maine to Florida and westward. (See illustration, p. 139.)

White topped aster (Scriocar pus astcroidcs)

White-topped aster (Scriocar pus astcroidcs)

S. linifblius. - Color, white. Stem, firm and smooth, marked with fine lines, corymbosely branched, bearing numerous flowers with few rays above a bell-shaped involucre. Leaves, long and narrow, with rough edges, mostly sessile. The pappus of these two species is silky, white. June to September.

In dry soil, fields and thickets eastward and southward.