7. Chenopodium BosciÓnum Moq. Bosc's Goose Foot

Fig. 1683

Chenopodium Boscianum Moq. Enum. Chenop. 21. 1840.

Annual, light green, stem slender, erect, striate, usually much branched, 1°-3° tall, the branches very slender, divergent or ascending. Leaves thin, green on both sides, lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, acute or acuminate at the apex, narrowed at the base, slender-petioled, l'-2 1/2' long, the lower sinuate-dentate or nearly all of them entire; flowers in slender terminal and axillary spikes; calyx-segments broadly oblong, obtuse, scarious-margined, not keeled, or scarcely so in fruit, herbaceous, nearly covering the utricle; styles short; seed horizontal, readily separating from the pericarp, black, shining; embryo completely annular.

In woods and thickets, Connecticut to New Jersey, Indiana and Minnesota, south to North Carolina and Texas. July-Sept.

8. Chenopodium Fremˇntii S. Wats. Fremont's Goosefoot

Fig. 1684

Chenopodium Fremontii S. Wats. Bot. King's Exp. 287. 1871.

Annual, glabrous or very nearly so, light green, stem stout or slender, erect, grooved, branched, 1o-3° tall. Leaves thin, green on both sides, broadly triangular-hastate, sinuate-dentate or the upper entire, mostly obtuse at the apex, truncate or abruptly narrowed at the base, slender-petioled, 1'-4' long and nearly as wide, the uppermost sometimes very small, oblong or lanceolate and acute; spikes slender, axillary to the upper leaves and in terminal panicles; calyx \" wide, its segments keeled in fruit, and nearly enclosing the utricle; pericarp easily separable from the seed; seed horizontal, shining; embryo completely annular.

In woods and thickets, South Dakota and Nebraska to Montana and Nevada, south to New Mexico, Arizona and northern Mexico. July-Sept.

8 Chenopodium Frem Ntii S Wats Fremont s Goosefoot 26

9. Chenopodium ┌rbicum L. Upright Or City Goosefoot

Fig. 1685

Chenopodium urbicum L. Sp. Pl. 218. 1753.

Annual, green or but slightly mealy, stem commonly stout, erect, branched or simple, channeled, 1°-3° tall. Leaves hastate or triangular-ovate, acute at the apex, truncate subcordate or abruptly narrowed at the base, stout-petioled, coarsely and irregularly dentate or the uppermost entire, the larger 3'-5' long; spikes in terminal and axillary narrow erect panicles, the upper longer than the leaves; calyx 1/2" broad, its segments oblong, obtuse, herbaceous, not keeled and not entirely enclosing the fruit; styles short; seed horizontal, rather firmly attached to the pericarp, its margins rounded; embryo a complete ring.

In waste places, especially in the cities, Nova Scotia and Ontario to southern New York. Adventive from Europe. Much less common than the following species. June-Sept.

9 Chenopodium Rbicum L Upright Or City Goosefoot 27