9. Heuchera Longifl˛ra Rydb. Long-Flowered Heuchera

Fig. 2181

Heuchera longiflora Rydb.; Britton, Man. 482. 1901.

Stems 1 1/2°-3° high, glabrous or hirsutulous above, leafless. Leaves long-petioled, orbicular-reniform to orbicular-ovate, 2'-4' wide, shal-lowly lobed and with very broad teeth; panicle lax, wide, with slender branches; flowering calyx 4"-5" long, oblique, the lobes unequal; petals rhombic-spatulate, equalling the calyx-lobes; stamens included.

On hillsides, Kentucky to Alabama. May-June.

10. Heuchera PubÚscens Pursh. Downy Heuchera

Fig. 2182

H. pubescens Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 187. 1814.

Stems rather stout, 1°-3° high, densely glandular-pubescent, at least above, usually bearing 1 or 2 small leaves. Basal leaves slender-petioled, broadly ovate or orbicular, cordate, 2'-4' wide, 5-7-lobed, the lobes rounded or acute, crenate or dentate; panicle loose; flowering calyx oblong-campanulate, somewhat oblique, 3"-4" long, minutely glandular, its lobes usually unequal; petals broadly spatulate, purplish, slightly exceeding the calyx-lobes; stamens scarcely or slightly ex-serted.

In rich woods, mountains of Pennsylvania to Kentucky, Missouri and North Carolina. Ascends to 4000 ft. in North Carolina. May-June.

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