5. Heuchera AmericÓna L. Alum-Root

Fig. 2177

Heuchera americana L. Sp. Pl. 226. 1753.

Stem rather stout, 2°-3° high, leafless, more or less glandular-hirsute. Basal leaves Iong-petioled, 3'-4' wide, with 7-9 rounded crenate-dentate lobes, the older ones glabrous, or with scattered hairs on the upper surface; flowering calyx broadly campanulate, nearly regular, 1 1/2"-3" long; petals very small, greenish, usually not exceeding the calyx-lobes; stamens much exserted; anthers orange.

In dry or rocky woods, Ontario to Connecticut,, west to Minnesota, south to Alabama and Louisiana. Ascends to 3000 ft. in Virginia. American sanicle. Common alum-root. May-Aug.

Heuchera lancipÚtala Rydb., from Kentucky, has a leafless flower-stem as in H. americana; but the petals are much longer than the calyx-lobes.

6. Heuchera Curtisii T. & G. Curtis' Heuchera

Fig. 2178

H. Curtisii T. & G.; A. Gray, Am. Journ. Sci. 42: 15. 1841.

H. roseola Rydb.; Britton, Man. 481. 1901.

Stem rather stout, 1°-3° high, leafy, glabrous below, puberulent above. Basal leaves ovate to suborbicular, 1 1/4'-9' wide, with rounded lobes and broad mucronate teeth, glabrous or sparingly pubescent and ciliate; flowering-calyx nearly regular, larger than in H. ameri-catia; petals purple or pink, usually much exceeding the calyx-lobes; stamens exserted.

In woods and on river bluffs. New York to Tennessee and South Carolina. May-July.

6 Heuchera Curtisii T G Curtis Heuchera 5206 Heuchera Curtisii T G Curtis Heuchera 521

7. Heuchera Hirsutica¨lis (Whee- Lock) Rydb. Rough-Stemmed Heuchera

Fig. 2179

H. hispida hirsuticaulis Wheelock, Bull. Torr.

Club 17: 199. 1890. Heuchera hirsuticaulis Rydb.; Britton, Man.

482. 1901.

Stem 1°-2 1/2° tall, villous-hirsute, leafless. Leaves 1 1/2' - 3 1/2' wide, on slender petioles which are pubescent like the stem, reniform to orbicular-ovate, with 7-11 rounded crenate-mucronate lobes; panicle lax, rather wide; flowering calyx campanulate, oblique, 2"-2 1/2" long, its lobes unequal; petals broadly spatulate, equalling the calyx-lobes or shorter; stamens long-exserted.

In dry woods and on bluffs, Michigan to Missouri, Indiana and Arkansas. May-June.

8. Heuchera Hispida Pursh. Rough Heuchera

Fig. 2180

H. hispida Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 188. 1814.

Heuchera Richardsonii R. Br. Frankl. Journ. 766. pl. 29. 1823.

Stem 2°-4° tall, hirsutely-pubescent or rarely nearly glabrous, usually leafless. Leaves 2'-3' wide, on long and slender petioles, broadly ovate-orbicular, with 5-9 shallow rounded dentate lobes; panicle strict, narrow; flowering calyx campanulate, very oblique, 3"-5" long, its lobes unequal; petals spatulate, slightly exceeding the calyx-lobes; stamens exserted.

In woods. Virginia to western Ontario, west to Kansas, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, south in the Rocky Mountains to Idaho. May-June.

8 Heuchera Hispida Pursh Rough Heuchera 5228 Heuchera Hispida Pursh Rough Heuchera 523