1. Heuchera Parvifl˛ra Bartl. Rugel's Heuchera

Fig. 2173

Heuchera parviflora Bartl. Ind. Sem. Hort.

Gotting. 1838. - Linnaea 13: Litt. 96. 1839. H. Rugelii Shuttlw.; Kunze, Linnaea 20: 43.


Stems slender, 6'-24' long, weak, glandular-hirsute or villous, leafless or bearing a few leaves below. Basal leaves with long slender glandular-villous petioles, broadly reniform, 2'-5' wide, cordate at the base, with 7-9 broad rounded or rarely pointed lobes, crenately toothed, the teeth mucronate; inflorescence very loosely paniculate; flowering calyx regular, campanulate, about 1" long; petals linear-spatulate, 2-3 times as long as the calyx-lobes; stamens somewhat exserted.

Shaded cliffs, Missouri and Illinois to western Virginia and northern Georgia. July-Sept.

1 Heuchera Parvifl Ra Bartl Rugel s Heuchera 5151 Heuchera Parvifl Ra Bartl Rugel s Heuchera 516

2. Heuchera PubÚrula Mackenzie & Bush. Puberulent Heuchera

Fig. 2174

H. puberula Mackenzie & Bush, Rep. Mo. Bot. Gard. 16: 103. 1905.

Stems very slender, 4'-12' long, puberulent, leafless. Basal leaves with very slender puberulent petioles, suborbicular to reniform, 1'-2 3/4' wide, shal-lowly or deeply cordate at the base, with 5-9 rounded lobes and broad mucronate teeth, finely pubescent on both sides; inflorescence lax, few- or many-flowered; flowering calyx regular, campanulate or turbinate, about 1" long, the lobes broader and the tube relatively shorter than in H. parviflora; petals spatulate or linear-spatulate, about twice as long as the calyx-lobes; stamens exserted.

On bluffs, Kentucky and Missouri. July-Oct.

2 Heuchera Pub Rula Mackenzie Bush Puberulent Heuc 517

3. Heuchera Vill˛sa Michx. Hairy Heuchera

Fig. 2175

H. villosa Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 172. 1803.

Stem erect, leafless, or rarely bearing a few small leaves below, generally villous-pubescent with brownish hairs, as are also the long petioles and the veins on the lower surfaces of the leaves. Basal leaves 3'-5' wide, ovate to orbicular, sharply or obtusely and deeply 7-9-lobed, the lobes dentate or serrate, the terminal lobe usually longer than wide; flowering calyx 1"-1 1/2" long, campanulate, regular; petals linear-spatu-late, white or nearly so, twice as long as the calyx-lobes or more; stamens much exserted.

In rocky places, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky to Georgia and Tennessee. June-Sept. Called also American sanicle.

4. Heuchera Macrorhiza Small. Big-Rooted Heuchera

Fig. 2176

H. macrorhiza Small, Bull. Torr. Club 25: 466. 1898.

Stem erect, usually leafless, stout, from a very thick scaly rootstock, densely villous or hirsute-villous with usually sordid hairs. Basal leaves, 3'-8' wide, suborbicular in outline, shallowly lobed, with the terminal lobe usually wider than long, the teeth broad, mucronate; flowering calyx short-hairy, often larger than in H. villosa, regular; petals linear or nearly so, about twice as long as the calyx-lobes or less; stamens much-exserted.

On bluffs and river banks, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. July-Oct.

Heuchera crinita Rydb., from Kentucky and adjacent states, seems to be a robust form of H. macrorhiza.

4 Heuchera Macrorhiza Small Big Rooted Heuchera 5184 Heuchera Macrorhiza Small Big Rooted Heuchera 519