11. Trifolium Stoloniferum Muhl. Running Buffalo Clover

Fig. 2484

Trifolium stoloniferum Muhl. Cat. 70. 1813.

Perennial, glabrous, branching, 6'-12' long, forming runners at the base. Leaves, especially the lower, long-petioled; stipules ovate-lanceolate, acute, membranous, often 1' long; leaflets all from the same point, short-stalked, obovate or obcordate, broadly cuneate at the base, denticulate, 9"-15" long; heads terminal, peduncled, nearly 1' in diameter; flowers white, purplish-tinged, 4"-6" long; pedicels slender, 3"-4" long, at length reflexed; calyx-teeth subulate, longer than the tube; pod commonly 2-seeded.

Prairies and dry woods, Ohio to Iowa, Tennessee, Missouri and Kansas. Introduced into South Dakota. Recorded from Nebraska. May-Aug.

12. Trifolium Hybridum L. Alsike Or Alsatian Clover

Fig. 2485

Trifolium hybridum L. Sp. Pl. 766. 1753.

Perennial, erect or ascending, sometimes rather stout and succulent, 1°-2° high, branching, glabrous or very nearly so, not uniting at the nodes. Leaves long-petioled; stipules ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, membranous, 6"-12" long; leaflets all from the same point, short-stalked, obovate, sometimes emarginate but not obcordate, narrowed or cuneate at the base, serrulate with sharp-pointed teeth, 6"-12"long; heads globose, long-peduncled; flowers pink, or pinkish, 3"-4" long; pedicels slender, 1"-2" long, reflexed when old; corolla 3-4-times as long as the calyx; calyx-teeth subulate, about equalling the tube; pod 2-4-seeded.

In meadows and waste places, Nova Scotia to Ontario, Idaho, British Columbia, New Jersey. Georgia and New Mexico. Bermuda. Cuba. Swedish clover. Sometimes cultivated for fodder. May-Oct.

12 Trifolium Hybridum L Alsike Or Alsatian Clover 82712 Trifolium Hybridum L Alsike Or Alsatian Clover 828

13. Trifolium CaroliniÓnum Michx. Carolina Clover

Fig. 2486

Trifolium carolinianum Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 58. 1803.

Perennial, pubescent, tufted, ascending or procumbent, much branched from the base, 3-8' high. Leaves slender-petioled; stipules ovate or ovate-lanceolate, fo-liaceous, 2"-4" long, acute, few-toothed toward the apex, or entire; leaflets all from the same point, short-stalked, obovate, emarginate or obcordate, cuneate at the base, denticulate, 2"-6" long; heads globose; peduncles slender, elongated; flowers purplish, 2"-3" long; standard apiculate; pedicels 1"-2" long, strongly reflexed in fruit; corolla scarcely longer than the calyx; calyx-teeth lanceolate, herbaceous, villous, longer than the tube; pod about 4-seeded.

Naturalized in waste places about Philadelphia; native in fields and open places, Virginia to Florida, west to Kansas, Arkansas and Texas. March-Oct.