Perennial or biennial herbs, with ternately divided leaves, and small perfect cymose flowers. Calyx ebracteolate, small, 5-cleft. Petals obovate or cuneate, somewhat clawed. Stamens 5, opposite the calyx-segments; filaments short, subulate, persistent. Pistils 5-20; style filiform, basal. Seed ascending, attached near the base of the style. [Greek, a low rose.]

About 3 species, natives of North America and Asia. Type species: Chamaerhodos altŕica (L.) Bunge.

16 Chama rhodos Bunge In Ledeb Fl Alt 1 429 1829 603

1. Chamaerhodos Nuttŕllii (T. & G.) Pickering. American Chamaerhodos

Fig. 2261

C. erecta Nuttallii T. & G. Fl. N. A. 1: 433. 1840.

C. Nuttallii Pickering; Rydb. N. Am. Fl. 22: 377. 1908.

Hirsute, glandular, leafy, erect, branched, 1° high or less. Basal leaves 2 - 4 - ternately divided into linear or oblong segments, those of the stem similar, but smaller and less divided; cymes numerous, pan-icled, the panicle-branches ascending; pedicels nearly erect, not longer than the flowers; calyx-tube 1" - 1 1/2" broad, hispid, the segments narrowly lanceolate, equalling or somewhat shorter than the white petals.

Plains and prairies, Minnesota to Saskatchewan, Alaska and Wyoming. June-Aug.