4. Lechea Maritima Leggett. Beach Pin-Weed

Fig. 2917

L. maritima Leggett in Britt. Prel. Cat. N. Y. 13.

1881. L. minor var. maritima A. Gray, Man. Ed. 6, 77.

1890. L. maritima interior Robinson, Rhodora 10: 34.


Densely tufted, branching from the base, stout, rigid, 6'-15' high, tomentose-canescent with whitish hairs. Primary branches spreading or ascending, numerous; flowering branches slender, stiff, divergent, elongated; leaves of the stem linear or linear-oblong, blunt or acute, 4"-10" long, 1"-2" wide; leaves of the basal shoots oblong or ovate-oblong, mainly acute, 3"-4" long, 1 1/2"-2" wide, densely canes-cent; pedicels \"-\" long; flowers numerous, clustered; petals reddish; outer sepals shorter than the inner; pod globose, i" in diameter.

Sands of the seashore and in sandy soil inland, Maine to Virginia and Georgia.

4 Lechea Maritima Leggett Beach Pin Weed 12594 Lechea Maritima Leggett Beach Pin Weed 1260

5. Lechea Tenuifòlia Michx. Narrow-Leaved Pin-Weed

Fig. 2018

L. tenuifolia Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 77. 1803.

Densely tufted, stems erect, slender, 4'-10' high, divaricately branched above, minutely strigose-pubescent. Branches slender, elongated; leaves of the stem narrowly linear, or sometimes nearly filiform, 2"-7" long, \" wide or less, acute, sessile, or very nearly so; leaves of the basal shoots linear, sessile, 3"-4" long, about i" wide; pedicels 1" long; flowers more or less secund, conspicuously bracted by the upper leaves; outer sepals equalling or exceeding the inner; pod globose-oval, i" in diameter, or more.

In dry open places, New Hampshire to Wisconsin, Nebraska, Florida and Texas. Petals red-purple. July-Aug.

6. Lechea Leggéttii Britt. & Holl. Leg-Gett's Pin-Weed

Fig. 2910

L. Leggettii Britt. & Holl. Prel. Cat. N. Y. 6. 1888.

Erect, rather slender, freely branching, more or less strigose-pubescent, 10'-2° high. Branches slender, spreading or ascending; leaves of the stem linear or linear-oblong, acute or obtuse, 5"-12" long, 1/2'-1" wide, sessile or nearly so; leaves of the basal shoots oblong-linear, 2"-3" long, 1/2" wide, acute; panicle open, its branches slender and divergent; inflorescence somewhat secund; pedicels 1/2"-1" long; outer sepals nearly equalling the inner; capsule obovoid, 1/2" in diameter.

In dry open places. Massachusetts to Indiana, south to North Carolina. Leaves of the basal shoots full-grown in November. Petals brownish purple. July-Aug.

Lechea moniliformis Bicknell, from Nantucket Island, Mass., differs in a denser and more leafy panicle with flowers more secund, and oblong-obovoid capsules. .

Lechea Torreyi Leggett, a related pilose species of the Southeastern States, is erroneously recorded from southern Virginia.

6 Lechea Legg Ttii Britt Holl Leg Gett s Pin Weed 12616 Lechea Legg Ttii Britt Holl Leg Gett s Pin Weed 1262