1. Cardamine Praténsis L. Meadow Bitter-Cress. Cuckoo-Flower Or -Spit

Fig. 2083

Cardamine pratensis L. Sp. Pl. 656. 1753.

Perennial by a short rootstock, glabrous, stem erect or ascending, nearly simple, 8'-2o' high. Leaves pinnately divided, lanceolate or oblong in outline, the lower petioled, the upper sessile; divisions 3-7 pairs and an odd one, dentate or entire, those of the basal leaves larger and broader than those of the stem; flowers showy, white or rose, 6"-9" broad; petals three times the length of the calyx; pedicels slender, 4"-6" long in fruit; pods 8" - 15" long, 1" wide; style less than 1" long, thick.

In wet meadows and swamps, Labrador to northern New Jersey, west to the Pacific coast of British America and Minnesota. Also in Europe and northern Asia. April-May. Ladies'-smock or smick-smock. Milk-maid. Spink. May-flower.

2. Cardamine Hirsùta L. Hairy Bitter-Cress

Fig. 2084

Cardamine hirsuta L. Sp. Pl. 655. 1753.

Annual or biennial, stem erect, usually little branched, slender, 4'-10' tall. Leaves nearly all basal and forming a rosette, more or less pubescent, 1'-4' long, the terminal segment orbicular or broader than long, entire or few-toothed, 3"-10" broad, the lateral ones 2-5 pairs, usually smaller and narrower; stem-leaves few and mostly borne near the base, their segments linear, or linear-oblong; flowers 2" broad, white; pods linear, about 1' long and 1/2" wide, strictly erect on ascending pedicels 2"-4" long when mature; style almost none.

In moist places and waste grounds, Pennsylvania to Michigan, Nebraska and North Carolina. Doubtfully native of America. Widely distributed in Europe and Asia. Touch-me-not. Land-cress. Lamb's-cress. March-May.

2 Cardamine Hirs Ta L Hairy Bitter Cress 4262 Cardamine Hirs Ta L Hairy Bitter Cress 427

3. Cardamine Pennsylvánica Muhl. Pennsylvania Bitter-Cress

Fig. 2085

Cardamine pennsylvanica Muhl.; Willd. Sp. Pl. 3: 486.

1800. Cardamine pennsylvanica Brittoniana Farwell, Asa Gray Bull. 6: 46. 1894.

Annual, or perhaps sometimes biennial, glabrous or rarely with a few scattered hairs, stem erect, stout or slender, 8'-3° tall, usually much branched, somewhat succulent, leafy up to the racemes. Basal leaves 2'-6' long, the terminal segment obovate, oval or subor-bicular, usually narrowed at the base, 3"-10" wide, the lateral 4-8 pairs oblong, oval, or obovate, all toothed, or some of them entire; flowers about 2" broad, white; pods very narrowly linear, 8"-15" long, less than 1/2" wide, erect ascending or divergent, on ascending or divergent pedicels 2"-3" long; style about ¥' long.

In swamps and wet places, Newfoundland to Minnesota, Montana, Florida, Tennessee and Kansas. April-June. The plant described and figured as Cardamine flexuosa With., in our first edition, appears to be not specifically distinct from this.