5. Amelanchier Alnifňlia Nutt. Northwestern June Or Service-Berry

Fig. 2333

Aronia alnifolia Nutt. Gen. 1: 306. 1818.

A. alnifolia Nutt.; Roemer, Syn. Man. 3: 147.


A shrub, 6°-8° high, more or less to-mentose-pubescent when young, at length glabrate throughout and somewhate glaucous. Leaves thick, broadly elliptic or almost orbicular, very obtuse and often truncate (rarely acutish) at the apex, rounded or subcordate at the base, coarsely dentate above the middle, 1/2'-2' long; racemes short, rather dense; pedicels short; petals oblanceolate, cuneate, 3"-9" long, 2-4 times the length of the calyx; pome purple with a bloom, 3"-4" high, sweet.

Dry soil, western Ontario to British Columbia, South Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico and California. Pigeon-berry. April-May.

6. Amelanchier Bartramiŕna (Tausch) Roem. Oblong-Fruited June-Berry

Fig. 2334

Mespilus canadensis var. oligocarpa Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1:291. 1803. Pyrus Bartramiana Tausch, Flora 212: 715. 1838. Amelanchier oligocarpa Roem. Syn.

Mon. 3: 145. 1847. A. Bartramiana Roem. loc. cit. 1847.

A shrub, 2°-9° high, glabrous, or very nearly so throughout, except the early deciduous bracts, which are sometimes loosely to-mentose. Leaves thin, narrowly oval or oblong, generally about 3 times as long as broad, narrowed and acute or acutish at each end, finely and sharply serrate, 1'-3' long; racemes 1-4-flow-ered; pedicels slender; petals obovate or oblanceolate, 3"-4" long, about twice as long as the calyx; pome oval to pear-shaped, purple, with a bloom, 3"~4" long.

Swamps, Labrador to Ontario, Pennsylvania and Michigan. May.

6 Amelanchier Bartrami Na Tausch Roem Oblong Fruit 676