Marsh herbs, with basal tubular or pitcher-shaped leaves, and large scapose nodding solitary flowers. Sepals 4 or 5, hypogynous, imbricated, persistent. Petals 5, imbricated, hypogynous, deciduous or none. Stamens ∞, hypogynous; anthers versatile. Ovary 1, 3-5-celled; ovules ∞, in many rows. Capsule 3-5-celled, loculicidally dehiscent; style terminal, peltate, lobed, or in one genus simple. Seeds small, the testa reticulated; embryo small; endosperm fleshy.

Three genera and about 10 species, all natives of America. Besides the following genus, Chrys-amphora of California and Heliamphora of Venezuela are the only known members of the family.