Leaves hollow, pitcher-form or trumpet-shaped, with a lateral wing and a terminal lid or lamina. Sepals 5, with 3 or 4, bracts at the base. Petals 5, ovate or oblong. Ovary 5-celled. Style dilated at the apex into a peltate.umbrella-like structure with 5 rays which terminate under its angles in hooked stigmas. Capsule 5-celled, granular, rugose. Seeds numerous, anatropous. [Named in honor of Dr. Jean Antoine Sarracin, a botanist of Quebec]

About 8 species natives of eastern and southeastern North America. Type species: Sarracenia purpurea L.

Leaves pitcher-shaped, curved; flower purple or greenish (rarely yellow).


S. purpurea.

Leaves tubular-trumpet-shaped; flower yellow.


S. flava.

1 Sarracenia Tourn L Sp Pl 510 1753 465

1. Sarracenia Purpųrea L. Pitcher-Plant. Sidesaddle Flower

Fig. 2123

Sarrecenia purpurea L. Sp. Pl. 510. 1753.

Sarracenia purpurea heterophylla (Eaton) Torr. Fl. N. Y. 1: 41. 1843.

Sarracenia heterophylla Eaton, Man. Ed. 3, 447. 1822.

Glabrous, except the inner side of the lamina and inner surface of the pitchers, which are densely clothed with stiff reflexed hairs. Leaves tufted, ascending, curved, 4'-12' long, purple-veined, or sometimes green or yellowish all over, much inflated, narrowed into a petiole below, broadly winged, persistent; scapes 1°-2° high, slender, bearing a single nodding, deep purple or occasionally yellow, nearly globose, flower 2' in diameter or more; petals obovate, narrowed in the middle, incurved over the yellowish style.

In peat bogs, Labrador to the Canadian Rocky-Mountains, Florida, Kentucky and Iowa. May-June. The hollow leaves are commonly more or less completely filled with water containing drowned insects. Young plants often bear several smaller flat obliquely ovate leaves. Huntsman's-cup. Indian cup or pitcher. Adam's- or forefathers'-cup or -pitcher. Whippoorwill's-boots or -shoes. Skunk-cabbage. Watches. Foxglove. Small-pox plant. Fly-trap. Meadow- or fever-cup.

2. Sarracenia Flāva L. Trumpets. Trumpet-Leaf. Water-Cup

Fig. 2124

Sarracenia flava L. Sp. Pl. 510. 1753.

Glabrous throughout, or the leaves minutely pubescent. Leaves trumpet-shaped, 1°-3° long, 1'-2' wide at the orifice, narrowly winged, prominently ribbed, green, the lid 1'-4' wide, obtuse or acuminate, erect, contracted at the base; scape 1°-2° high, slender; flower 2'-3' broad, yellow; petals narrow, oblanceolate or obovate, sometimes 3' long, drooping, slightly contracted at the middle.

In bogs, Virginia and North Carolina to Florida, west to Louisiana. Yellow trumpets. Watches. Biscuits. April.

2 Sarracenia Fl Va L Trumpets Trumpet Leaf Water C 466