4. Meibomia Arenicola Vail. Sand Tick-Trefoil

Fig. 2579

Hedysarum lineatum Michx. Fl. Bor. Am, 2: 72. 1803. Not L. 1759.

Desmodium lineatum DC. Prodr. 2: 330. 1825.

Meibomia arenicola Vail, Bull. Torr. Club 23: 140. 1896.

Decumbent or prostrate, pubescent or glabrate, slender, 1°-2° long. Stipules subulate, persistent; petioles about ą long; leaflets ovate-orbicular, 1/2'-l' long, glabrous or nearly so, coriaceous, reticulate-veined; racemes terminal and axillary, elongated, usually pubescent; flowers purple, about 2" - 3" long; pedicels slender; loment small, 2-4-jointed, the joints uncinate-pubescent, less convex above than below, 1 1/2-2 1/2 long; stipe about equalling the calyx-lobes, or shorter.

In dry woods, Maryland to Florida, west to Louisiana. July-Sept.

5. Meibomia Michßuxii Vail. Prostrate Tick-Trefoil

Fig. 2580

Hedysarum rotundifolium Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2:

72. 1803. Not Vahl. 1791. Desmodium rotundifolium DC. Prodr. 2: 330.

1825. Meibomia rotundifolia Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 197.

1891. M. Michauxii Vail, Bull. Torr. Club 23: 140. 1896.

Prostrate, 2°-6° long, softly pubescent, or densely villous. Stipules ovate or triangular-ovate, persistent, acuminate, somewhat cordate, striate, ciliate; leaves petioled; leaflets nearly orbicular, pubescent, 1 - 1 1/2' long; panicles terminal and axillary, loose; bracts deciduous; flowers purple, 3"-5" long; calyx-lobes ciliate; loment 1' long or more, 3-5-jointed; joints obliquely rhomboid below, slightly convex above, uncinate-pubescent; stipe equalling or longer than the calyx-lobes.

Dry woods, Maine (?), Ontario to Minnesota, Massachusetts, Florida, Missouri and Louisiana. July-Sept. Round-leaved or trailing tick-trefoil. Hive-vine. Dollar-leaf.

5 Meibomia Mich Uxii Vail Prostrate Tick Trefoil 9225 Meibomia Mich Uxii Vail Prostrate Tick Trefoil 923

6. Meibomia Ochrole˙ca (M. A. Curtis) Kuntze. Cream-Flowered Tick-Trefoil

Fig. 2581

Desmodium ochroleucum M. A. Curtis; Canby, Proc.

Acad. Phila. 1864: 17. 1864. Meibomia ochroleuca Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 198. 1891.

Procumbent or decumbent, hirsute, 1°-3° long. Stipules ovate, persistent, cordate, striate; petioles i'-iY long; leaflets yellowish green, rugose or nearly smooth above, reticulate-veined and somewhat scabrous beneath, 8"-2' long, the terminal one rhomboid, the lateral obliquely ovate, smaller, or sometimes wanting; racemes terminal and axillary, simple; bracts deciduous; flowers whitish; upper calyx-lobe minutely 2-toothed, the others attenuate; loment 2-3-jointed, the joints only slightly more convex below than above, twisted, oval, pale green, glabrous except the uncinate-pubescent sutures; stipe about as long as the calyx-lobes.

In woodlands, New Jersey to Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri. Aug.-Sept.