1. Meibomia Nudifl˛ra (L.) Kuntze. Naked-Flowered Tick-Trefoil

Fig. 2576

Hedysarum nucliflorum L. Sp. Pl. 749. 1753. Dcsmodium nudiflorum DC. Prodr. 2: 330. 1825. Meibomia nudiflora Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 197. 1891.

Slender, erect or ascending, the leaves clustered at the summit of the sterile stems, the peduncle arising from the base of the plant, leafless or rarely with 1 or 2 leaves, 30 high or less. Stipules subulate, deciduous; petioles 1'-4' long; leaflets oval or ovate, glabrous or slightly pubescent, somewhat acuminate or with a blunt point, pale beneath, 1'-3' long, the terminal one rhomboidal, the others inequilateral; panicles narrow, few-flowered; flowers rose-purple, 3"-5" long; bracts deciduous; calyx-teeth obtuse, the lowest one largest; loment 2-3-jointed, the joints longer than wide, straight or concave on the back, obliquely semi-rhomboidal, pubescent with uncinate hairs, the sutures glabrous; stipe nearly as long as the pedicel.

In dry woods, Quebec to Minnesota, Florida, Arkansas and Louisiana. July-Aug.

1 Meibomia Nudifl Ra L Kuntze Naked Flowered Tick  9181 Meibomia Nudifl Ra L Kuntze Naked Flowered Tick  919

2. Meibomia Grandifl˛ra (Walt.) Kuntze. Pointed-Leaved Tick-Trefoil

Fig. 2577

Hedysarum grandiflorum Walt. Fl. Car. 185. 1788. H. acuminatum Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 72. 1803. Desmodium acuminatum DC. Prodr. 2: 329. 1825. Meibomia grandifiora Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 196. 1891.

Erect, glabrous, or somewhat pubescent, 1°-5° high. Leaves in a cluster at the summit of the stem, from which rises the slender peduncle; petioles 3'-6' long; stipules subulate, generally persistent; leaflets ovate, acuminate, 2'-6' long, pubescent with scattered hairs on both surfaces; panicle ample; bracts deciduous; flowers large, purple; loment 2-3-jointed; joints longer than wide, concave above, obliquely rounded below, uncinate-pubescent; stipe as long as the pedicel.

In dry or rocky woods, Quebec to Ontario, South Dakota, Florida, Alabama, Kansas and Oklahoma. June-Sept. Beggar-ticks.

3. Meibomia Paucifl˛ra (Nutt.) Kuntze. Few-Flowered Tick-Trefoil

Fig. 2578

Hedysarum pauciflovum Nutt. Gen. 21 109. 1818. Desmodium pauciflorum DC. Prodr. 2: 330. 1825. M. pauciflora Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 198. 1891.

Decumbent or ascending, more or less pubescent with scattered hairs, 1°-3° long. Stipules subulate, deciduous; leaves alternate, distant, pe-tioled; leaflets ovate, obtuse or bluntly acuminate, pubescent, l' - 3' long, the terminal one rhomboid; racemes terminal or sometimes also axillary, simple, few-flowered; calyx-lobes acute, ciliate; corolla white, about 3" long; loment 1-4-jointed, the joints concave or straight on the back, obliquely rounded below, larger than those of the preceding species, uncinate-pubescent; stipe slightly shorter than the pedicel.

In woods. Ontario to western New York, southern Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Arkansas and Louisiana. July-AUG.

3 Meibomia Paucifl Ra Nutt Kuntze Few Flowered Tic 9203 Meibomia Paucifl Ra Nutt Kuntze Few Flowered Tic 921