30. Viola Primulifˇlia L. Primrose-Leaved Violet

Fig. 2952

Viola primulifolia L. Sp. Pl. 934. 1753.

Often quite glabrous, but usually somewhat pubescent, especially toward the base of the petioles; blades oblong to ovate, obscurely crenate-serrate, base slightly cordate, rounded or tapering, petioles often broadly winged above; scapes 2'-10' high, often longer than the leaves; flowers similar to those of V. lanceolata; sepals lanceolate, acuminate; the three lower petals purple-veined, the lateral ones slightly bearded or beardless; capsules green, ellipsoid, 3"-5" long, those from the numerous late cleistogamous flowers on rather short, erect peduncles; seeds reddish brown, \" long.

In moist open ground, New Brunswick to Florida and Louisiana. Numerous leafy stolons appear from vigorous plants in late summer.

30 Viola Primulif Lia L Primrose Leaved Violet 129430 Viola Primulif Lia L Primrose Leaved Violet 1295

31. Viola LanceolÓta L. Lance-Leaved Or Water Violet

Fig. 2953

Viola lanceolata L. Sp. Pl. 934. 1753.

Glabrous, usually profusely stoloniferous in late summer, the stolons rooting at the nodes and bearing apetalous flowers; rootstock slender; scapes 2'-4' high; mature leaves lanceolate or elliptical, the blade 2 1/2'-6' long, 5"-10" wide, gradually tapering into the margined, often reddish petiole, obscurely crenulate; sepals lanceolate, acuminate, 2"-3" long; petals 3"-4" long, usually all beardless, the three lower striped with purplish veins; capsules green, ellipsoid, 3"-6" long, those of the cleistogamous flowers on erect peduncles, usually shorter than the leaves; seeds dark brown.

Open bogs and moist meadows, Nova Scotia to Minnesota, south to the coastal plain, where it gives place to the taller and narrower-leaved Viola vittata Greene.

32. Viola Rotundif˛lia Michx. Round-Leaved Or Yellow Violet

Fig. 2954

V. rotundifolia Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 150. 1803.

Rootstock long and stout, jagged with the persistent bases of former leaves; stolons short, usually without roots or leaves, bearing 1-4 cleistogamous flowers; leaves oval or orbicular, obtuse, cordate with short and narrow sinus, repand-crenulate, at vernal flowering sparsely hirtellous, about 1' wide; in midsummer mostly glabrate, 2'-4' wide, prostrate; scapes 2'-4' high; flowers bright yellow, the three lower petals with brown lines, the lateral bearded; style club-shaped, abruptly capitate, beakless; capsule ovoid, 3"-4" long, those from the cleistogamous flowers on deflexed peduncles and closely dotted with purple; seeds nearly white.

Cold woods, Maine to western Ontario, south along the Alleghanies to northern Georgia. Ascends to 4500 ft. in Virginia. April-May.

32 Viola Rotundif Lia Michx Round Leaved Or Yellow 129632 Viola Rotundif Lia Michx Round Leaved Or Yellow 1297