Annual or perennial erect tall branching narcotic herbs, some tropical species shrubs or trees, with alternate petioled entire sinuate-dentate or lobed leaves, and large solitary erect short-peduncled white purple or violet flowers. Calyx elongated-tubular or prismatic, its apex 5-cleft or spathe-like, in the following species circumscissile near the base which is persistent and subtends the globose ovoid prickly capsule. Corolla funnelform, the limb plaited, 5-lobed, the lobes broad, acuminate. Stamens included or little exserted; filaments filiform, very long, inserted at or below the middle of the corolla-tube. Ovary 2-celled, or falsely 4-celled; style filiform; stigma slightly 2-lobed. Capsule 4-valved from the top, or bursting irregularly. (The Hindoo name, dhatura.)

About 12 species, of wide geographic distribution. Type species: Datura Stramonium L. The following are introduced weeds.

Glabrous or very sparingly pubescent; leaves lobed, calyx prismatic.

1. D. Stramonium.

Finely glandular-pubescent; leaves entire or undulate; calyx tubular.

2. D. Metel.

10 Datura L Sp Pl 179 1753 400

1. Datura Stramonium L. Stramonium. Jamestown Or Jimson-Weed. Thorn-Apple

Fig. 3729

Datura Stramonium L. Sp. Pl. 179. 1753- Datura Tatula L. Sp. Pl. Ed. 2, 256. 1762.

Annual, glabrous or the young parts sparingly pubescent; stem green to purple, stout, 1°-5° high. Leaves thin, ovate in outline, acute or acuminate at the apex, mostly narrowed at the base, 3's' long, irregularly sinuate-lobed, the lobes acute; petioles 1'- 4' long; flowers white or violet, about 4' high, the limb 1 1/2'-2' broad; calyx prismatic, less than one-half the length of the corolla; capsule ovoid, densely prickly, about 2' high, the lower prickles shorter than the upper or all about equal.

In fields and waste places, Nova Scotia to Florida, west to Minnesota and Texas. Naturalized from tropical regions. June-Sept. Peru-, mad-or devil's-apple. Devil's-trumpet. Jamestown-lily. Fire-weed. Dewtry. Races differ in color of flowers and in length of the prickles on the pods.

1 Datura Stramonium L Stramonium Jamestown Or Jims 401

2. Datura Metel L. Entire-Leaved Thorn-Apple

Fig. 3730

Datura Metel L. Sp. Pl. 179. 1753.

Annual, densely and finely glandular-pubescent; stem stout, much branched, 4°-8° high. Leaves broadly ovate, acute at the apex, inequilateral, rounded or subcordate at the base, 4'-10' long, entire or merely undulate; petioles 1-3' long; flowers white, 6'-7' high, the limb 3'-4' broad; calyx tubular, about one-half as long as the corolla; capsule globose or ovoid-globose, obtuse, prickly and pubescent, 1'-l 1/2' in diameter.

In waste places, escaped from gardens, Rhode Island to Florida. Native of tropical America. July-Sept.