5. Lonicera Sullivantii A. Gray. Sul-Livant's Honeysuckle

Fig. 3983

Lonicera Sullivantii A. Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. 19: 76. 1883.

Similar to the preceding species, very glaucous. Leaves oval or obovate, glaucous and commonly puberulent beneath, obtuse; flowers larger than those of the preceding species, the tube $"-7" long, slightly exceeding the limb, pale yellow; stamens usually nearly glabrous; fruit yellow, 3" in diameter.

In woodlands, Tennessee, Ohio and western Ontario to Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Recorded from Manitoba. May-June.

5 Lonicera Sullivantii A Gray Sul Livant s Honeysu 655

6. Lonicera Flava Sims. Yellow Honeysuckle

Fig. 3984

Lonicera flava Sims, Bot. Mag. pl, 1318 1810.

Twining to a height of several feet, or trailing, glabrous. Leaves broadly oval, or elliptic, entire, obtuse at the apex, narrowed or rounded at the base, short-petioled, or the upper sessile, green above, glaucous beneath, the pairs subtending flowers connate-perfoliate; flowers bright orange-yellow, fragrant, in a terminal interrupted spike; corolla 1'-1 1/2' long, the slender tube pubescent above within, not gibbous at the base, the limb strongly 2-lipped, about half as long as the tube; filaments and style glabrous, exserted; fruit about 3" in diameter.

North Carolina to Kentucky, Missouri, Georgia and Alabama. April-May.

7. Lonicera Sempervirens L. Trumpet Or Coral Honeysuckle

Fig. 3985

Lonicera sempervirens L. Sp. Pl. 173. 1753. Lonicera sempervirens hirsutula Render, Rep. Mo. Bot Gard. 14: 169 1903.

Glabrous or somewhat pubescent, high climbing, evergreen in the South. Leaves oval, obtuse, 2-3' long, or the lower ones smaller, narrower and acutish, the upper pairs connate-perfoliate, all conspicuously glaucous and sometimes slightly pubescent beneath, dark green above; flowers verticillate in terminal interrupted spikes; corolla scarlet or yellow, 1'-1 1/2 long, glabrous or somewhat pubescent, the tube narrow, slightly expanded above, the limb short and nearly regular; stamens and style scarcely exserted; berries scarlet, about 3" in diameter.

In low grounds, or on hillsides, Maine to Florida, New Hampshire, New York, Nebraska and Texas. Woodbine (N. C). Scarlet trumpet-honeysuckle. April-Sept.

7 Lonicera Sempervirens L Trumpet Or Coral Honeysu 6567 Lonicera Sempervirens L Trumpet Or Coral Honeysu 657

8. Lonicera Japonica Thunb. Japanese Or Chinese Honeysuckle

Fig. 3986

Lonicera japonica Thunb. Fl. Jap. 89. 1784

Pubescent, climbing high or trailing. Leaves all short-petioled, ovate, entire, 1'-3' long, acute at the apex, rounded at the base, dark green and glabrous above, pale and usually sparingly pubescent beneath; flowers in pairs from the upper axils, peduncled, leafy-bracted at the base, white or pink, fading to yellow, pubescent without, the tube nearly I long, longer than the strongly 2-lipped limb; stamens and style exserted; berries black, 3"-4" in diameter.

Freely escaped from cultivation, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania to North Carolina, Florida and West Virginia. Naturalized from eastern Asia. June-Aug.