2. Convolvulus Repens L. Trailing Or Hedge Bindweed

Fig. 3437

Convolvulus repens L. Sp. Pl. 153. 1753. Convolvulus sepium var. repens A. Gray, Syn. Fl. 2:

Part 1, 215. 1878.

More or less pubescent or tomentose; stem trailing or twining, 1°-3° long, simple, or sparingly branched. Leaves ovate or oblong, petioled, l'-2' long, obtuse, acute or abruptly acuminate at the apex, sagittate or cordate at the base, entire, the basal lobes rounded, scarcely or not at all divergent; petioles 1/2'-1' long; peduncles 1-flow-ered_, equalling or longer than the leaves; flowers white (sometimes pink?) about 2' long; calyx enclosed by 2 ovate acute or obtusish slightly cordate bracts; stigmas oblong.

In moist and dry soil, Quebec to Florida and Louisiana. Recorded from the Great Lake region. May-Aug.

C. interior House, of the western plains, with broader leaves and smaller corollas, is found in Kansas and Nebraska.

2 Convolvulus Repens L Trailing Or Hedge Bindweed 1082 Convolvulus Repens L Trailing Or Hedge Bindweed 109

3. Convolvulus Fraterniflorus Mackenzie & Bush. Short-Stalked Bindweed

Fig. 3438

C. Sepium fraterniflorus Mack. & Bush, Fl. Jackson Co. 153. 1902.

C. fraterniflorus Mack. & Bush, Rep. Mo. Bot. Gard. 16: 104. 1905.

Sparingly pubescent; stems trailing or twining, much branched, 3°-6° long. Leaves hastate or hastate-sagittate, short-pubescent on both sides, 4' long or less, acute at the apex, the basal lobes entire or dentate, spreading; peduncles often 2 in each axil, wing-angled, mostly not longer than the petioles; bracts large, cordate, pubescent, concealing the sepals at flowering time; sepals glabrous, obtusish, 5"- 8" long; corolla white, about 2' long.

Dry banks and prairies, western Missouri; recorded eastward to the District of Columbia. July-Sept.

4. Convolvulus Spithamaeus L. Upright Or Low Bindweed

Fig. 3439

Convolvulus spithamaeus L. Sp. Pl. 158. 1753. Calystegia spithamaea Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 143.

1814. Volvulus spithamaeus Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 447.

1891. Convolvulus camporum Greene, Pittonia 3: 328.


Pubescent, or glabrate; stem erect or ascending, straight, or the summit sometimes feebly twining, 6'-12' high. Leaves oval, short-petioled or the uppermost sessile, usually obtuse at both ends, sometimes acutish at the apex, and subcor-date at the base, 1-2' long, 1/2'-1 1/4' wide; peduncles 1-flowered, longer than the leaves: flowers white, nearly 2' long; calyx enclosed by 2 large oval acutish bracts which are narrowed at both ends and not cordate at the base; stigmas oblong, thick.

In dry sandy or rocky fields or on banks, Nova Scotia to Ontario, Manitoba, Florida and Kentucky. Dwarf morning-glory. Low or bracted-bindweed. May-Aug.

4 Convolvulus Spithamaeus L Upright Or Low Bindwee 1104 Convolvulus Spithamaeus L Upright Or Low Bindwee 111

5. Convolvulus Arvensis L. Small Bindweed

Fig. 3440

Convolvulus arvensis L. Sp. Pl. 153. 1753.

Glabrous, or nearly so; stems trailing or decumbent, very slender, 1°-2l° long, simple or branched. Leaves slender-petioled, ovate or oblong, entire, ob-tusish and mucronulate or acutish at the apex, sagittate or somewhat hastate at the base, 1'-2 long, the basal lobes spreading, acute or obtuse; peduncles 1-4-flowered (commonly 2-flowered), snorter than the leaves, 1-3-bracted at the summit, usually with another bract on one of the pedicels; sepals oblong, obtuse, 1 1/2" long; corolla pink or nearly white, 8"-12" broad; calyx not bracted at the base; stigmas linear.

In fields and waste places, Nova Scotia to Ontario, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kansas, New Mexico and California. Naturalized from Europe. Native also of Asia. May-Sept. Hedge-bells. Bearbind. Corn-lily. Withwind. Bellbine. Corn-bind. Lap-love. Sheep-bine.

6. Convolvulus Incanusyahl. Hoary Bindweed

Fig. 3441

Convolvulus incanus Vahl, Symb. Bot. 3: 23. 1794- Finely and densely canescent, pale, or sometimes greener; stems procumbent or trailing, usually branched, 1°-3° long. Leaves rather short-petioled, lanceolate, ovate to linear in outline, usually with 2-4 divergent lobes at the base, or the lower pair of lobes reflexed, otherwise entire or irregularly dentate, obtuse and mucronulate at the apex, 1-2' long; peduncles 1-2-flowered, as long as or longer than the leaves, minutely bracted at the summit; pedicels 3"-6" long; sepals oblong, obtuse or mucronulate, about 3" long; corolla white to rose-color; stigmas narrowly linear; capsule globose, about as long as the sepals.

In waste places, near Lincoln, Neb. (according to Webber). In dry soil, Kansas and Arkansas to Texas, Arizona and Mexico. Also in southern South America. April-Aug.

6 Convolvulus Incanusyahl Hoary Bindweed 112