9. Lonicera Coerulea L. Blue Or Mountain Fly-Honeysuckle

Fig. 3987

Lonicera coerulea L Sp. Pl. 174. 1753. Lonicera villosa Muhl. Cat. 23. 1813.

Erect, shrubby, 1°-3° high, the twigs sometimes slightly pubescent. Leaves oval or obovate, 1'-1 1/2' long, very obtuse at the apex, rounded or narrowed at the base, thick, conspicuously reticulate-veined, pale and more or less pubescent beneath, glabrous above, at least when mature, ciliate on the margins; flowers in pairs in the axils, short-peduncled, subulate-bracted, yellow, 6"-8" long; corolla pubescent, or glabrate, the tube gibbous at the base, the limb nearly regular, its lobes oblong, equalling or slightly exceeding the tube; ovaries of the two flowers becoming united and forming an oblong or nearly globose, bluish-black 2-eyed berry, about 2 1/2" in diameter.

In low grounds, Newfoundland to Alaska, south to Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Wyoming and California. Europe and Asia. June.

Lonicera Morrowi A. Gray, a Japanese species, with red berries and nearly white flowers, has escaped from cultivation in Massachusetts.

9 Lonicera Coerulea L Blue Or Mountain Fly Honeysu 6589 Lonicera Coerulea L Blue Or Mountain Fly Honeysu 659

10. Lonicera Oblongifolia (Goldie) Hook. Swamp Fly-Honeysuckle

Fig. 3988

Xylosteum oblongifolium Goldie, Edinb.

Phil. Journ. 6: 323. 1822. Lonicera oblongifolia Hook. Fl. Bor. Am.

1: 284. pl. 100. 1833. L. altissima Jennings, Ann. Cam. Mug. 4:

74. pl. 20. 1906.

Leaves l'-2' long, reticulate-veined, glabrous or nearly so on both sides when mature, downy-pubescent when young, not ciliate; flowers in pairs on long slender peduncles; corolla yellow, or purplish within, 8"-9" long, gibbous at the base, deeply 2-lipped; bracts minute or none; ovaries remaining distinct, or becoming united, the berries red or crimson.

In swamps, New Brunswick and Quebec to Manitoba, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota. May-June.

11. Lonicera Canadensis Marsh. American Fly-Honeysuckle

Fig. 3989

Vaccinium album L. Sp. Pl . 350. 1753. Not L.

alba L. Lonicera canadensis Marsh. Arb. 81. 1785. Lonicera ciliata Muhl. Cat. 23. 1813.

Shrubby, 3°-5° high, the twigs glabrous. Petioles 2"-3" long, very slender; leaves thin, 1-4' long, bright green on both sides, ovate or sometimes oval, acute or acutish at the apex, rounded or cordate at the base, villous-pubescent beneath when young, glabrous or nearly so when mature, but the margins strongly ciliate; flowers in pairs from the axils, greenish-yellow, about 8' long; peduncles long-filiform; bracts very small, subulate; corolla-limb nearly regular, its lobes short; berries separate, ovoid, light red, about 3" thick.

In moist woods, Nova Scotia to Saskatchewan, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota. Medaddy-bush. May.

11 Lonicera Canadensis Marsh American Fly Honeysuc 66011 Lonicera Canadensis Marsh American Fly Honeysuc 661