Erect branching, usually glabrous and often glutinous herbs, or shrubs, with linear entire alternate leaves, and small heads of both tubular and radiate yellow flowers, corymbosely paniculate in our species. Radiate flowers few, pistillate. Disk-flowers regular, mostly perfect, or some of them only staminate, the corolla-limb 5-lobed. Involucre ovoid, or narrowly campanulate, its bracts coriaceous, imbricated in few series. Receptacle flat, convex or conic, commonly foveolate. Anthers obtuse and entire at the base. Style-branches narrow, flattened, their appendages slender. Achenes terete, ribbed or 5-angled. Pappus of several scales, those of the ray-flowers shorter than or equalling those of the disk. [Named from Gutierrez, a noble Spanish family.]

About 25 species, natives of western North America, Mexico and western South America. Besides the following, several others occur in the western United States. Type species: Gutierrezia linearifolia Lag.

1. Gutierrezia Sardthrae (Pursh) Britton And Rusby. Broom-Weed

Fig. 4190

Solidago Sarothrae Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 540. 1814. Gutierrezia Euthamiae T.&G.F1. N. A. 2: 193. 1841. Gutierrezia Sarothrae Britton & Rusby, Trans. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 7: 10. 1887.

Glabrous or minutely pubescent, bushy, woody at the base, 1/2-l1/2° high, the branches rigid, ascending. Leaves linear, 1/2'-1 1/2' long, 1/2"-1" wide, acute; heads oblong, \\"-2" high, few-flowered, usually in clusters of 2-5 at the ends of the numerous branches; rays 1-6, scarcely 1" long; scales of the pappus linear-oblong, subulate or acuminate; achenes pubescent.

In dry or rocky soil, Manitoba and Minnesota to western Nebraska, Kansas, Texas and Sonora, west to Alberta and Utah. Adventive at Rochester, N. Y. Far western plants formerly referred to this species prove to be distinct. Rabbit-brush. Aug.-Sept.

Gutierrezia linearis Rydb., of the Rocky Mountain region, ranging eastward into Kansas and Nebraska, differs in being more woody and has somewhat wider leaves.

1 Gutierrezia Sardthrae Pursh Britton And Rusby Br 861