6. Stachys Palustris L. Hedge Nettle. Marsh Or Clown's Woundwort

Fig. 3620

Stachys palustris L. Sp. Pl. 580. 1753.

Perennial, hirsute or pubescent all over; stem erect, strict, simple or somewhat branched, commonly slender, and retrorse-hispid on the angles, 1°-4° high. Leaves firm, lanceolate, oblong, or-oblong-lanceolate, sessile, or very short-petioled, acuminate or acute at the apex, truncate, cordate or subcordate at the base, 2'-5' long, \'-\' wide, crenulate or dentate; flower-clusters forming an elongated interrupted spike, sometimes also in the upper axils; flowers 6-10 in a whorl; calyx pubescent, its subulate teeth more than one-half as long as the tube; corolla purplish to pale red, purple spotted, 6"-8" long, its upper lip pubescent.

In moist soil, Newfoundland to Oregon, south to southern New York, Illinois, Michigan, and in the Rocky Mountains to New Mexico. Also in Europe and Asia. June-Sept. Old names, clown's-heal or all-heal. Cock-head. Dead nettle. Rough weed. June-Sept.

6 Stachys Palustris L Hedge Nettle Marsh Or Clown  2916 Stachys Palustris L Hedge Nettle Marsh Or Clown  292

7. Stachys Nuttallii Shuttlw. Nuttall's Hedge Nettle

Fig. 3621

Stachys Nuttallii Shuttlw.; DC. Prodr. 12: 469. 1848.

Perennial, conspicuously hirsute, bright green; stem stiff, erect, 1 1/2°-3 1/2° tall, simple. Leaves thinnish, oblong, oblong-lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, serrate-dentate, rounded or truncate at the base, short-petioled, 2'-4' long; spike interrupted; bracts surpassing the calyx, the upper ones with 3 tooth-like lobes; calyx-teeth triangular-lanceolate, acuminate, about i as long as the tube; corolla purple, about 5" long, pubescent; nutlets about 1" long.

In woods and on mountain slopes, Maryland and Virginia to Tennessee. June-Aug.

7 Stachys Nuttallii Shuttlw Nuttall s Hedge Nettle 293

8. Stachys Tenuifolia Willd. Smooth Hedge Nettle

Fig. 3622

Stachys tenuifolia Willd. Sp. Pl. 3: 100. 1801. S. glabra Ridd. Suppl. Cat. Ohio Pl. 16. 1836. S. cincinnatensis Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 531. 1891.

Perennial; stem quite smooth, or slightly scabrous on the angles, slender, erect or ascending, usually branched, 1°-2 1/2° high. Leaves lanceolate, oblong, or ovate-lanceolate, slender-petioled, thin, acuminate at the apex, obtuse or subcordate at the base, sharply dentate or denticulate, dark green, 2'-5' long, 1/2'-2' wide; clusters several or numerous in terminal spikes, or also in the upper axils; calyx glabrous, or sparingly hirsute, 2" long, its teeth lanceolate, acute, one-half as long as the tube or more; corolla about 6"-8" long, pale red and purple.

In moist fields and thickets, New York to Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina and Louisiana. Ascends to 4000 ft. in North Carolina. June-Aug.

8 Stachys Tenuifolia Willd Smooth Hedge Nettle 294