2. Agalinis Aspera (Dougl.) Britton. Rough Purple Agalinis. Fig 3819

G aspera Dougl.; Benth. in DC. Prodr. 10: 517. 1846.

Annual, 1°- 2° high, hispidulous-scabrous with rough stiff short whitish hairs, branched, the branches nearly erect. Leaves narrowly linear, 1' - 1 1/2' long, less than 1" wide, erect or ascending; pedicels equalling or becoming a little longer than the turbinate calyx; calyx-teeth triangular-ovate or triangular-lanceolate, acute, one-fourth to one-third as long as the tube; corolla deep purple, about 1' long, nearly or quite glabrous within, very pubescent without, the lobes ciliate; filaments villous; anthers all alike, obtuse at the base; capsule oblong, 3"-4" high, considerably longer than the calyx.

On dry plains and prairies, Indiana to North Dakota, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas. Recorded from Colorado. Aug.-Oct.

3. Agalinis Heterophylla (Nutt.) Small. Prairie Agalinis

Fig. 3820

Gerardia heterophylla Nutt. Trans. Am. Phil. Soc. 5: 180. 1837.

Gerardia crustata Greene, Leaflets 2: 108. 1910.

Annual, more or less scabrous; stems 6'-2° tall, branching above, the branches ascending. Leaves linear, or narrowly linear-lanceolate below, -2' long, rarely 2" broad, acute, erect or erect-ascending, decidedly scabrous along the margins; pedicels shorter than the calyx, enlarged upward; calyx campanulate, 3"-4" long, its teeth lanceolate or subulate-lanceolate, about as long as the tube; corolla rose-purple, about 3/4" long; capsules globose-oblong or globose-ovoid, 2 1/2"-3" long.

On prairies and in wet woods, Missouri and Arkansas to Texas. Aug.-Oct.

3 Agalinis Heterophylla Nutt Small Prairie Agalini 4913 Agalinis Heterophylla Nutt Small Prairie Agalini 492

4. Agalinis Purpurea (L.) Britton. Large Purple Agalinis

Fig. 3821

Gerardia purpurea L. Sp. Pl. 610. 1753.

G. racemulosa Pennel, Torreya 11: 15. 1911.

Annual, glabrous, smooth, or roughish; stem slender, branched, 1°-2 1/2° high, the branches spreading. Leaves narrowly linear, usually widely spreading, 1' - 1 1/2' long, about 1" wide, rarely with smaller ones fascicled in their axils; flowers racemose on the branches, purple (rarely white), about 1' long and broad; pedicels shorter than or but little longer than the campanulate calyx, even in fruit; calyx-teeth triangular-lanceolate or ovate-oblong, acute, one-third to one-half the length of the tube; corolla much expanded above, villous or nearly glabrous within, pubescent without, the lobes ciliolate; anthers all alike, the sacs mucronulate at the base; filaments villous; capsule globose, 2"-3" in diameter, longer than the calyx.

In moist fields and meadows, Maine to Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri and Texas. Aug.-Oct.

5. Agalinis Fasciculata (Ell.) Raf. Fascicled Agalinis

Fig. 3822

Gerardia fasciculata Ell. Bot. S. C. & Ga. 2: 115.

Gerardia fasciculata Ell. Bot. S. C. & Ga. 2: 115. 1824.

Annual, finely pubescent and scabrous; stems 1 1/2°- 4° tall, often puberulent or sparingly hispidulous, fastigiately branched. Leaves numerous, the larger ones with conspicuous clusters of smaller ones in their axils, linear, mostly less than 1" wide, acute, very scabrous; flowers racemose, often numerous, purple, about 1' long; pedicel shorter than the calyx; calyx-tube campanulate, 1 1/4"- 1 3/4" high, the teeth usually minute, often less than \" long; corolla abruptly expanded above the short tube, minutely pubescent without, copiously pubescent within, the lobes ciliolate; capsule 2"-2i" in diameter, becoming longer than the calyx.

In marshes or sometimes in dry soil, Virginia to Florida and Texas. Aug.-Oct.

5 Agalinis Fasciculata Ell Raf Fascicled Agalinis 4935 Agalinis Fasciculata Ell Raf Fascicled Agalinis 494