2. Scutellaria Serrata Andr. Showy Skullcap

Fig. 3576

Scutellaria serrata Andr. Bot. Rep. pl. 494. 1809. S. laevigata Aiken; Eaton, Man. Ed. 6, 333. 1833.

Perennial, glabrous, or puberulent above; stem slender, erect, simple or branched, 1°-2° high. Leaves ovate or elliptic, slender-petioled, acute at the apex, narrowed, or the lowest rounded or subcordate at the base, crenate or dentate, 2'-4' long, the uppermost reduced to small floral bracts; racemes almost always simple and terminal, loosely flowered, the flowers opposite; fruiting calyx about 3" long; corolla 1' long, blue, minutely puberulent, its tube narrow, gradually expanded above into the throat, its rather narrow upper lip a little shorter than the lower; nutlets borne on a short gynobase.

In woods, southern New York and Pennsylvania to South Carolina, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. One of the handsomest of the American species. Ascends to 3000 ft. in Virginia. May-June.

2 Scutellaria Serrata Andr Showy Skullcap 2472 Scutellaria Serrata Andr Showy Skullcap 248

3. Scutellaria Incana Muhl. Downy Skullcap

Fig. 3577

Scutellaria incana Muhl. Cat. 56. 1813.

Scutellaria canescens Nutt. Gen. 2: 38. 1818.

S. serrata Spreng. Syst. 2: 703. 1825. Not Andr. 1809.

Perennial, finely and densely whitish downy, or the upper surfaces of the leaves glabrous; stem rather strict, erect, usually much branched above, 2°-4° high. Leaves ovate, oval, or oblong, rather firm, slender-petioled, acute at the apex, crenate-dentate, narrowed, rounded or the lower subcordate at the base, 3'-41/2' long; racemes terminal, usually numerous and panicled, several-many-flowered; fruiting calyx 11/2-2' long; corolla 9'-10" long, ca-nescent; upper lip of the corolla slightly longer than the lower; gynobase very short.

la moist woods and thickets, Ontario to Michigan, Kansas, Georgia, Florida and Alabama. June-Aug.

4. Scutellaria Cordifdlia Muhl. Heart-Leaved Skullcap

Fig. 3578

Scutellaria cordifolia Muhl. Cat. 56. 1813. Scutellaria versicolor Nutt. Gen. 2: 38. 1818.

Perennial, densely glandular-pubescent; stem erect, usually stout, 1°-3° high, often simple. Leaves prominently veined, slender-petioled, broadly ovate, crenate-dentate all around, 2'-4' long, all but the uppermost cordate at the base; racemes terminal, narrow, solitary or panicled; bracts ovate, mostly entire, commonly longer than the pedicels; fruiting calyx nearly 3" long; corolla puberulent, io"-I2" long, blue with the lower side lighter or white, its tube narrow, its throat moderately dilated, its lateral lobes about as long as the upper lip; gynobase short.

In woods and thickets, especially along streams, Pennsylvania to Florida, west to Minnesota, Kansas, Arkansas and Texas. Includes several races. June-Aug.

4 Scutellaria Cordifdlia Muhl Heart Leaved Skullca 249