1. Artemisia Caudata Michx. Tall Or Wild Wormwood

Fig. 4571. Artemisia Caudata Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 129. 1803

Root biennial (sometimes perennial?); stems slender, glabrous, tufted, strict, very leafy, 2°-6° high, at length paniculately branched, the branches glabrous, or rarely slightly pubescent, nearly erect. Lower and basal leaves and those of sterile shoots slender-petioled, sometimes a little pubescent, 3'-6' long, 2-3-pinnately divided into narrowly linear, acute lobes, about 1/2" wide; upper leaves sessile or nearly so, pinnately divided, or the uppermost entire and short; heads about 1" broad, very short-peduncled, very numerous in a large somewhat leafy panicle, mostly nodding; bracts of the ovoid-campanu-late involucre ovate, or the inner elliptic, glabrous; receptacle hemispheric, naked; central flowers sterile.

In dry sandy soil, abundant on sea-beaches, from Quebec to Florida, west to Ontario, Indiana, Manitoba, south to Nebraska and Texas. July-Sept.

1 Artemisia Caudata Michx Tall Or Wild Wormwood 12421 Artemisia Caudata Michx Tall Or Wild Wormwood 1243

2. Artemisia Borealis Pall. Northern Wormwood

Fig. 4572

Artemisia borealis Pall. Iter. 129. pl. hh, f. I. 1771. Artemisia groenlandica Wormsk. Fl. Dan. pl. 1585. 1818.

Perennial, 5'-15' high, densely silky-pubescent all over, resembling small forms of the following species. Leaves less divided, the basal and lower ones petioled, l'-2 1/2' long, the upper sessile, linear and entire or merely 3-parted; heads about 2" broad in a dense terminal rarely branched thyrsus; involucre nearly hemispheric, its bracts brown or brownish, pilose-pubescent or nearly glabrous; receptacle convex, naked; disk-flowers sterile.

Quebec to Greenland, west through arctic America to Alaska, south in the Rocky Mountains to Colorado. Also in northern Asia. Apparently erroneously recorded from Maine. July-Aug.

2 Artemisia Borealis Pall Northern Wormwood 1244

3. Artemisia Canadensis Michx. Canada Wormwood

Fig. 4573

Artemisia canadensis Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 129. 1803.

Root perennial (or sometimes biennial); stem pubescent or glabrous, strict, simple or branched, 1°-2° high, the branches appressed and erect. Leaves usually pubescent, but sometimes sparingly so, the basal and lower ones petioled, 2'-3' long, 2-pinnately divided into linear, acute lobes which are shorter and broader than those of Artemisia caudata; upper leaves sessile, less divided; heads short-peduncled, about 2" broad, commonly numerous in a narrow virgate panicle, mostly spreading or erect, in small forms the panicle reduced to a nearly or quite simple terminal raceme; involucre ovoid, its bracts ovate or oval, green, glabrous or pubescent; receptacle hemispheric; central flowers sterile.

In rocky soil, Newfoundland to Hudson Bay, Maine, Vermont, west along the Great Lakes to Minnesota and Manitoba and to the Canadian Pacific coast. Sea- or wild-wormwood. July-Aug.

Artemisia Forwoodii S. Wats., a taller plant of the Rocky Mountain region, with somewhat smaller heads, ranges eastward into Nebraska.