7. Antennaria Microphylla Rydb. Small-Leaved Cat's-Foot

Fig. 4399

A. microphylla Rydb. Bull. Torr. Club 24: 303. 1897.

?A. parvifolia Nutt. Trans. Am. Phil. Soc. (II) 7: 406. 1841.

Stem slender, 8-12' high; stolons short, not over 2Y long. Basal leaves and those of the ends of the stolons spatulate, obtuse, or apiculate, 2"-8" long, 1"-2" wide, narrowed from above the middle; stem-leaves linear-oblong, or the leaves linear-spatulate, often longer than the basal ones; heads corymbose, rather numerous; involucre 21/2"-31/2" high; bracts of the fertile heads linear-oblong, acute or acutish, those of the sterile obtuse.

Dry plains and hills, Saskatchewan to Nebraska, British Columbia and New Mexico. July-Aug.

8. Antennaria Neodioica Greene. Smaller Cat's-Foot

Fig. 4400

Antennaria neodioica Greene, Pittonia 3: 184. 1897. A. alsinoides Greene, Pittonia 4: 83. 1899. A. rupicola Fernald, Rhodora 1: 74. 1899.

Floccose-woolly, with numerous stolons which are leafy throughout; stem of fertile plants slender, about 1° high. Basal leaves about 1' long, 3"-5" wide, broadly obovate to spatulate, 1-nerved, or indistinctly 3-nerved, white-tomentose beneath, becoming glabrate above, usually narrowed into distinct petioles; stem-leaves linear, acute; heads loosely corymbose, 3"-4" broad; outermost bracts of the involucre obtuse, the rest lanceolate, acute, or acuminate, all greenish or brownish below, with white scarious tips; achenes obtusely 4-an-gled, granular-papillose; sterile plant lower, 3'-8' high; heads more densely clustered, the bracts of the involucre oblong, obtuse.

In dry places, Newfoundland to Virginia, Quebec, Michigan and South Dakota. April-July.

8 Antennaria Neodioica Greene Smaller Cat s Foot 10718 Antennaria Neodioica Greene Smaller Cat s Foot 1072

9. Antennaria Aprica Greene. Rocky Mountain Cudweed

Fig. 4401

Antennaria aprica Greene, Pittonia 3: 282. 1898.

Floccose-woolly or canescent, surculose, forming broad patches; flowering stems 2'-12' high. Basal leaves spatulate or obovate, obtuse, narrowed into short petioles, white-canescent on both sides, 4"-15" long, 1"-4" wide; stem-leaves linear, sessile; heads 3"-4" broad in a terminal capitate or corymbose cluster; involucre 2"-3" high, the bracts of the fertile heads oblong, white or pink, all obtuse, or the inner ones acute; those of the sterile heads oval or elliptical, obtuse; achenes glabrous, or minutely glandular.

In dry soil, South Dakota to Nebraska, Alberta, Utah and New Mexico. June-Sept. Erroneously referred, in our first edition, as by previous authors, to the Old World Antennaria dioica (L.) Gaertn.

10. Antennaria Campestris Rydberg. Prairie Cat's-Foot

Fig. 4402

Antennaria campestris Rydberg, Bull. Torr. Club 24: 304. 1897.

Stolons short, leafy; flowering stems of both fertile and sterile plants 2'-6' high. Basal leaves obovate-cuneate, without a distinct petiole, white-tomentose beneath, glabrate above, 1-nerved, or indistinctly 3-nerved; stem-leaves small, linear; heads 3"-4" broad in subcapi-tate clusters; bracts of the fertile heads lanceolate, greenish below, brownish at the middle, the apex white, acute or acuminate; bracts of sterile heads elliptic, obtuse.

On dry prairies, Nebraska and Kansas to Saskatchewan. May-June.

10 Antennaria Campestris Rydberg Prairie Cat s Foo 107310 Antennaria Campestris Rydberg Prairie Cat s Foo 1074