4. Antennaria Parlinii Fernald. Parlin's Cat's-Foot

Fig. 4396

Antennaria Parlinii Fernald, Gard. & For. 10: 284.

1897. A. arnoglossa Greene, Pittonia 3: 318. 1898. A. Parlinii arnoglossa Fernald, Proc. Bost. Soc. Nat.

Hist. 28: 243. 1898. A. propinqua Greene, Pittonia 4: 83. 1899.

More or less glandular-pubescent; stems of fertile plant 1°-1 1/2° tall. Leaves bright green and devoid of tomentum on the upper surface from the time of unfolding, or very slightly floc-cose when very young, the basal ones obovate or spatulate to elliptic, obtuse or acutish, gradually contracted into a narrow base about as long as the expanded part, 2'-3 1/2' long, 3/4'-1 1/2' wide; stem-leaves lanceolate or the lower narrowly oblong; heads corymbose; involucre 3 1/2"-5" high, its bracts all lanceolate-acuminate or the outer ones linear-oblong and obtusish.

Fields, hillsides and woodlands, Maine to Ontario, Virginia and Iowa. May-July.

4 Antennaria Parlinii Fernald Parlin s Cat s Foot 10674 Antennaria Parlinii Fernald Parlin s Cat s Foot 1068

5. Antennaria Solitaria Rydb. Single-Headed Cat's-Foot

Fig. 4397

Antennaria plantaginifolia monocephala T. & G. Fl. N. A. 2: 431. 1843.

Antennaria monocephala Greene, Pittonia 3: 176. 1896. Not DC. 1836.

Antennaria solitaria Rydb. Bull. Torr. Club 24: 304. 1897.

Stem slender, weak, floccose-woolly, 2'-10' long, bearing a solitary head. Basal leaves obovate to oblong-obovate or broadly spatulate, 31/2' long or less, 8"-16" wide, obtuse or apiculate, densely floccose beneath, loosely floccose, becoming glabrate above, 3-5-nerved; stem-leaves linear, few and distant; stolons procumbent, leafy at the ends; involucre 4"-6" high, its linear white-tipped bracts very woolly.

Woodlands, Pennsylvania to Georgia, Ohio, Alabama and Louisiana. March-May.

6. Antennaria Plantaginifolia (L.) Richards. Plantain-Leaf Everlasting

Fig. 4398

Gnaphalium plantaginifolium L. Sp. Pl. 850. 1753-Antennaria plantaginifolia Richards. App. Frank.

Journ. Ed. 2, 30. 1823.

Floccose-woolly, stoloniferous, forming broad patches; flowering stems of fertile plant 4'-2o' high, slender or stout, sometimes with glandular hairs. Basal leaves obovate, spatulate, or broadly oval, obtuse or acutish, distinctly 3-ribbed, petioled, dull dark green and arachnoid above, silvery beneath, 1 1/2'-3' long, 5"-18" wide; stem-leaves sessile, oblong or lanceolate, the upper usually small and distant; heads in corymbose or often subcapitate clusters, 4"-5" broad; involucre 3"-4 1/2" high, its bracts greenish-white, linear to lanceolate, acute or acutish; achenes minutely glandular; sterile plant smaller, 3'-8' high; basal leaves somewhat smaller; heads smaller, 3"-4" broad; bracts oblong, obtuse.

In dry soil, especially in open woods, Quebec to Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska and Texas. Spring-or early everlasting. White plantain. Pussy-toes. Ladies'-tobacco. Dog-toes. Four-toes. Love's-test. Indian-or woman's-tobacco. Poverty-weed. Pearly mouse-ear everlasting. Consists of many races differing in size, leaf-form, leaf-size, size of heads and shape of involucral bracts; these have been variously regarded by authors as species and as varieties. April-June.

6 Antennaria Plantaginifolia L Richards Plantain L 10696 Antennaria Plantaginifolia L Richards Plantain L 1070