II. Pentstemon Cobaea Nutt. Cobaea Beard-Tongue

Fig. 3765

Pentstemon Cobaea Nutt. Trans. Am. Phil. Soc. (II.) 5: 182. 1833-37.

Stem stout, densely and finely pubescent below, glandular-pubescent above, 1°- 2° high. Leaves oblong to ovate, firm, 3' - 5' long, dentate, the lower mostly glabrous and narrowed into margined petioles, the upper sessile or cordate-clasping, usually pubescent; thyrsus short, several-many-flowered, open; flowers about 2' long; calyx-segments lanceolate, acuminate, 5" - 7" long; corolla purple, puberulent without, glabrous within, its tube narrow up to the top of the calyx, then abruptly dilated and campanulate, the limb scarcely 2-lipped, the lobes short, rounded, spreading; sterile filament sparingly bearded; capsule ovoid, acute, pubescent, reticulate-veined, as long as the calyx.

On dry prairies, Missouri and Kansas to Texas. Recorded from Ohio. May-July.

12. Pentstemon Grandinorus Nutt. Large-Flowered Beard-Tongue

Fig. 3766. P. Grandifiorus Nutt. In Fras. Cat. 1813

Glabrous and somewhat glaucous; stem stout, 2°-4° high. Leaves all entire and obtuse, the basal ones obovate, narrowed into broad petioles, those of the lower part of the stem sessile, oblong or oval, 1' - 2 1/2' long, the upper nearly orbicular, cordate-clasping, shorter; thyrsus open, leafy-bracted, the bracts orbicular, cordate; pedicels 2"-6" long; flowers nearly 2' long; calyx-segments lanceolate, acute, 3"-4" long; corolla lavender-blue, the tube rather abruptly dilated above the calyx, the limb somewhat 2-lipped; sterile filament incurved, villous and capitate at the summit; capsule acute, 8"-10" high, three times as long as the calyx.

On prairies, Illinois to Minnesota, North Dakota, Kansas and Colorado. Locally introduced eastward. June-Aug.

12 Pentstemon Grandinorus Nutt Large Flowered Bear 43712 Pentstemon Grandinorus Nutt Large Flowered Bear 438

13. Pentstemon Acuminatus Dougl. Sharp-Leaved Beard-Tongue

Fig. 3767

Pentstemon acuminatus Dougl.; Lindl. Bot. Reg. pl. 1285. 1829.

Glabrous and glaucous; stem rather stout, strict, 6'-2° high, leafy. Leaves firm, entire, the lower and basal ones oblong or spatulate, obtuse or acute, narrowed into petioles, the upper sessile or clasping, lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, 2-3' long; thyrsus narrow, sometimes 1- sided, usually leafy-bracted below; pedicels becoming 4"-8" long in fruit; calyx-segments lanceolate, acute, 2"-3" long; corolla blue, 9" - 10" long, its tube rather gradually dilated, the limb 2-lipped; sterile filament bearded along the dilated summit; capsule acute, twice as long as the calyx.

In dry soil, Minnesota to Nebraska, Texas, Manitoba, Alberta, Oregon and New Mexico. St. Joseph's-wand. May-Aug.

14. Pentstemon Glaber Pursh. Large Smooth Beard-Tongue

Fig. 3768

Pentstemon glaber Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 738. 1814.

Glabrous, somewhat glaucous; stem ascending or erect, rather stout, leafy, 1°- 2° high. Leaves entire, firm, the basal and lower ones narrowed into petioles, the middle ones oblong or oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, sessile, the upper lanceolate, acuminate, sessile, scarcely clasping; thyrsus narrow, elongated, densely many-flowered; pedicels 3"-7" long in fruit; calyx-segments ovate-lanceolate, scarious-margined, abruptly acuminate 3" - 4" long, their margins commonly eroded; corolla blue or purple, 1' - 1 1/2' long, rather abruptly expanded above the calyx, the limb somewhat 2-lipped, the lobes rounded; sterile filament bearded at the slightly enlarged summit; capsule narrowly ovoid, acute, about twice as long as the calyx.

In moist soil, South Dakota to Nebraska, Wyoming and Arizona. Far western plants previously referred to this species prove to be distinct. May-Aug.

14 Pentstemon Glaber Pursh Large Smooth Beard Tong 43914 Pentstemon Glaber Pursh Large Smooth Beard Tong 440