The members of genus Tricholoma have white spores, and no collar on the stem. The gills are attached to the stem, and are notched on the edge at or near the stem.

Masked Tricholoma (Edible)

Tricholoma personatum {var. bulbosum)

Cap or Pileus - Variable in colour; pale lilac, with yellowish tint; brighter in young specimens ; sometimes whitish or pale greyish. Thick, fleshy, convex when young, with margin rolled in, and slight bloom or mealiness on the surface. When mature, smooth ; margin wavy or turned upward. Gills or Lamellce - Faint lilac colour, with tint of violet. Narrow, unequal, free, close, and rounded at the stem end. Stem - Faint lilac tint. Surface rather fibrous ; short, stout, solid, bulbous. Spores - Sordid white, elliptical.

Flesh - Firm.

Habitat - Thin woods, open grassy places.

Time - September to freezing weather.

Tri-cho-1o'-ma Per-son-a'-tuim

Section of T. personatum (var. bulbosum)

Section of T. personatum (var. bulbosum).

Masked Tricholoma (edible). (Tricholoma personatum. Fr, var, bulbosum. Pk.).

Masked Tricholoma (edible). (Tricholoma personatum. Fr, var, bulbosum. Pk.).

Pholiota aggericola, Peck

Pholiota aggericola, Peck.

Reduced slightly See page 84

Craterellus cantharellus, Schw. (Edible.) Reduced slightly

Craterellus cantharellus, Schw. (Edible.) Reduced slightly.

Brown-spored Series

Craterellus cantharellus (Edible)

Cap or Pileus - Margin wavy. Yellow or pinkish yellow. Fleshy, firm, convex, then centrally depressed.

Gills or Lamella - Blunt, running down the stem, forking many times.

Stem - Solid, yellow, and smooth.

Spores - Yellowish.

Flesh - White, slightly stained in places. Taste slightly peppery ; no odour.

Time - Summer and autumn.

Habitat - Specimen photographed was found growing in moss and earth on an old wood road in mixed woods, New Jersey.

Craterellus is at present classified as one of the family Thelephoracea. For convenience we have placed it under "Fungi with Gills." It is interesting, as it forms a connecting link between fam. Thelephoracea and fam. Agaricaceae.