Peridium sessile. No sterile base. Peridium opening by an apical mouth.

Peridium sessile, with sterile base.

Upper surface breaking into fragments from above downwards.

Peridium splitting into starlike segments.

Peridium opening by a single mouth.

Order Lycoperdales 91Section 3


Order Lycoperdales 93

...Sterile base


Order Lycoperdales 94Order Lycoperdales 95


Bovista. Page 128.

Calvatia. Page 126.

Geaster. Page 129.

Peridium with sterile base.

Peridium opening by an apical mouth. Capillitium (threads) present.

Outer peridium gelatinous, and later disappearing. Base of interlacing fibres. Red star-like mouth.

Threads long,slen-de r, attached.

Order Lycoperdales 96Threads short and free.

Threads short and free.

Order Lycoperdales 98Lycoperdon. Page 124.

Lycoperdon. Page 124.

Bovistella. Page 129.

Calostoma. Page 131.

Order Lycoperdales 100