Ceylon Cocoanut Drops

Cream three pounds of sugar with one pound of butter and lard, add one pint of eggs, one quart of milk, five pounds cake flour, three and one-half ounces of baking powder, one pound desiccated cocoa-nut. Drop like drop cake on greased tins. Bake in a medium heat.

Metropolitan Jelly Buns

Mix two pounds of granulated sugar, three-fourths of a pound of butter, with seven eggs, one and one-third pints of milk, four pounds of cake flour and one ounce of baking powder, like cookie dough, lemon flavor. Roll out and cut like sugar cookies, wash with eggs, spread a little jelly in the center of each; pull the dough over the top to cover the jelly; set on pans upside down. Press a little, wash with egg; bake hot; jelly will burst through the top in different places. They look well and sell well at ten or twelve cents per dozen.

Parisian Buns

Sift five and a half pounds of cake flour with two ounces of cream of tartar in a bowl, rub in dry one and a half pounds of butter and lard. Make a hole in the centre, put in two and one-half pounds of sugar, one and one-fourth pints of eggs, one and three-fourth pints of milk, one ounce of soda. Mix all light; add one pound of currants. Drop like drop cakes on cookie tins, wash with egg, sprinkle a little fine sugar on the top of each; bake hot.

Honey Jumbles

For Machine

Fifty pounds of flour, two and one-half pounds of lard, one quart of eggs, four gallons of honey, two and one-half quarts of water, four ounces of ammonia, twelve ounces of soda, two ounces of salt. Leave out five pounds of the flour, which add next morning. Mix the night before.

Assorted Cookies

For Soft Cake Machine

Fifty-two pounds of powdered sugar, nineteen pounds lard, seven and one-half pounds of butter, twelve ounces of salt, three quarts of eggs, one and one-fourth pounds of ammonia, twelve ounces of soda, four and one-half gallons of condensed milk, five ounces of lemon oil, one-half pound of mace, one hundred and fifteen to one hundred and twenty pounds of soft flour. Dip some in currants, some in nonpareil sugar, some in coarse sugar, some in cocoanut, etc.

Graham Wafers

Twenty-five pounds of C sugar, one gallon of molasses, two and one-half gallons boiling hot water, one and one-fourth pounds of salt, twenty pounds of lard, one-half pound of ammonia, one pound of soda, seventy-five pounds of cake flour, twenty-five pounds of Graham flour. Mix all well and break smooth. They can be rolled out by hand, also pricked well before baking. Bake on tins dusted with flour. These are very fine goods.

Honey Creams

Mix thirty-six pounds of honey, six pounds of molasses, six pounds of granulated sugar, four pounds of lard, five ounces of soda, fourteen ounces of ammonia, five quarts of water, three ounces of salt, one quart of eggs (two ounces of cinnamon and four ounces of allspice can be added), about sixty pounds of flour. Drop with hand or by soft cake machine. Bake medium warm. Spread the bottom very thick with marshmallow, and dip in shredded or fine cocoanut.

Nick Nacks

Mix well together twenty pounds of A sugar, seven and one-half pounds of lard, one-half pound of salt, two gallons of sour milk, three quarts of water, three-fourths of an ounce of lemon oil, one-half pound of soda, ninety to ninety-five pounds of snowflake flour.