Lemon Twist

Mix well, dry, two pounds of hard butter with two and three-fourth pounds of cake flour, twenty ounces of sugar, and lemon flavor; add twelve eggs and the juice of four lemons; mix very light to a stiff dough. Set in ice box to harden. Roll in long, thin strips and twist them. Cut in slices, wash with eggwash, dip in coarse sugar and bake in a good heat.

Orange Slices

The moulds for these can be bought from any supply house. They are not to be greased, but the slices cut loose with a sharp knife from the moulds. Beat very stiff three-fourths of a pint of egg whites; add by handfuls one-half pound sugar; then twelve egg yolks, and last, nine ounces of cake flour. Orange flavor. Lay out with bag and tube; bake medium warm. When cold, ice with orange water icing.


Same mixture as for orange slices. Set slices together with jelly. Cover all over with yellow or green icing, stick a slice of green citron in the top for stem.

Apple Snow Cake

Bake regular layers and fill with this filling: Grate a hard, sour apple (peeled) in a deep plate; add one-half pound of fine sugar and then one egg white. Beat all up well about fifteen minutes with silver work or small beater. When almost done you can add one-fourth ounce of dissolved gelatin. Fill the layers with it and cover top also.

Belgrade Almond Slices

Five and one-half pounds of brown sugar, three and one-half pounds of butter, one quart of eggs, three-eighths of an ounce of ammonia, three-eighths of an ounce of soda, one-half pint of milk, three and one-fourth pounds sifted cake crumbs, one pound of raw almonds, six and one-fourth pounds soft flour, one-half pound fine desiccated cocoanut. Flavor with cinnamon and allspice. Make stiff dough. Roll in one and one-half inch thick rolls. Set on greased pans, press flat, wash with egg, and bake medium warm Cut in slices one inch wide.

Fig Cake

Cream one pound of butter and lard with one and one-half pounds of sugar, add one pint egg whites, which first partly beat, one pint of milk with one-third of an ounce of soda, two and one-fourth pounds of flour, two-thirds of an ounce of cream of tartar, lemon. Bake in layer tins, spread with fig marmalade between and on top, then ice over with water icing flavored with lemon juice.

California Fig Tarts

Mix together like cookie dough three pounds of granulated sugar, one and one-fourth pounds of lard, one pint of eggs, one quart of milk, one and one-half ounces of baking powder, six pounds of cake flour, and lemon flavor. Roll out a piece one-fourth of an inch thick, cut out with round small cutter, lay on pans. Now roll as many pieces from which cut out the centers so as to get rings. Bake all in a warm oven, spread the cookies on bottom with fig marmalade and lay a ring on top of each and dust with fine sugar.

Fairy Drops

Beat stiff one quart of egg whites. Mix into it light one and three-fourth pounds of fine sugar, then one pound of cake flour with four ounces of corn starch and one ounce of cream of tartar, vanilla or honeysuckle flavor. Lay out with bag and tube on paper, dust light with fine sugar, bake cool; wet the paper to take them off; set two together with fig or apricot marmalade.