Marshmallow Filling. 1

Take four and one-half pounds of granulated sugar and one quart of water; dissolve over a good fire, then add one-half of a pound of glucose and boil to a very light ball (242 degrees). In the meantime beat one pint of egg white very stiff and then pour in the sugar in a light stream, still beating. Then pour in one-half of a pound of dissolved gum arabic (a thin solution) or gum Senegal, and two ounces of vanilla. Keep on beating a little while longer. If a large mixture, set in hot water bath, so it will not get too stiff before it is all used. You can flavor and color to taste.

Marshmallow Filling. 2

One-half of a pound of gum arabic or Senegal dissolved in a good pint of water, strain in a kettle and add one-half of a pound of XXXX loaf sugar; set on a slow fire, stir until reduced and thick. Beat up stiff in a bowl two ounces of white egg food dissolved in one pint of warm water, with enough powdered sugar and one-half of an ounce of cream of tartar; add the gum syrup slowly and a little plain syrup if still too stiff. Flavor with neroli oil, which is the right flavor for marshmallow. If you have no egg food, take one pint fresh egg white.

Marshmallow Filling. 3

Very Short, Fine For Filling Cream Puffs, Layer Cakes, Etc.

Soak eight ounces of gelatine in two quarts of water, then heat to dissolve it; put all in beating machine with ten pounds of powdered XXXX sugar; one to two pounds glucose can be added if not wanted quite so short. When half beaten add one-half ounce of cream of tartar. Beat as fast as possible, and stop beating as soon as stiff or light enough. Flavor with vanilla or honeysuckle.

Marshmallow Filling. 4

For Filling Between Wafers. For Wholesale Trade

Soak and dissolve one and a half pounds of gelatine in five quarts of hot water. Put in mixer with twenty-two pounds of XXXX sugar, eight pounds of glucose, and when partly beaten one ounce of cream of tartar. Vanilla or honeysuckle flavor. Beat fast until light.

Marshmallow Filling. 5

Warm Mixture

Dissolve and let boil up a few times twenty pounds of granulated sugar with five pints of water. When partly cool add eight pounds of glucose, twenty-two ounces of gelatine dissolved in five and one-half pints of lukewarm water. Beat as above and flavor.

N. B. - In above Marshmallow recipes one-half gelatine and one-half "Iciline" can be used to better advantage, and when nearly done, a little alum may be added to it.