Another part of finishing in the bottling process consists of "branding the corks". This is done to impress trade marks, the manufacturer's name or other signs on the corks. Some brand both ends, some only that part which comes inside the neck of the bottle.

Fig. 281 shows one of the devices intended to facilitate this work, and is easily understood.

Where a large quantity of corks are daily to be branded, some mechanical appliances will be found indispensable.

This machine (Fig. 282) brands corks on either one or more sides at one operation, with adjustable letters on top, bottom or side brands. The date of bottling or private marks are thus indelibly given without extra labor or expense. It also controls correct count of corks, the register being directly connected with the branding apparatus, and recording every cork. Heat can be supplied either by gas, through ordinary rubber hose, or by gasoline. Capacity 5000 per hour. Can be worked by hand or power. Air blast is attached to the machine. The machine is a European patent, and for sale by Wittemann Bros., New York.

Fig. 281.   Cork Brander

Fig. 281. - Cork Brander.

Fig. 282.   Combined Cork Brander and Counter

Fig. 282. - Combined Cork Brander and Counter.