American Continuous System. - Matthew's Apparatus. - Puffer's Apparatus. Tuft's Apparatus. - Lippincott's Apparatus. - (With Specialties attached to and belonging to the different sets shown.)

American Continuous System

For the want of a better name we propose classing under this caption all that style of machinery which has lately come into use in the United States, and which has been described by the manufacturers of the same as continuous apparatus. We are not ready to take issue with the makers or names of the same, for practically it is continuous apparatus, and is the result, particularly, we think, of the general system of machinery which has been in use here for years. It is quite commendable, if it is Yankee, to attach a second generator and call it continuous, in order to meet the wants of the trade, or of that portion of it which requires machinery of larger and more continuous production. That it has proved successful, there can be no doubt; for many of the largest bottlers have either added the second generator, or exchanged their apparatus for one of larger capacity, with generator at either end of the set. This style of machinery is now made by most of the leading manufacturers in the United States, in addition to their well-known intermittent apparatus. The appended illustrations show several sets of such apparatus.