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Its General Use In The United States

The American intermittent system or apparatus for carbonating water is too generally known to need an introduction to any reader here; but we might have a reader who is not so well acquainted with it, and it might be of interest to him to know that this style of apparatus is very generally used by all bottlers throughout the country. What follows is a description of the different makes with their various special features attached.

Hafner & Will's Apparatus

This apparatus consists of one generator with gas dome, three fountains made of copper, and a force-pump.

The generator and gas-washers are lined with sheet lead. The fountains are lined with block tin in heavy sheets. Pressure and water gauge on each fountain, gas dome and blow-off valve on generator. Pump for hand and power use.

Osterberg's Apparatus

This apparatus is made of copper, the generator is lead-lined, the fountains tin-lined. The purifiers are on top of the fountains. The apparatus has a gas cooler (others call it gas dome) in front and on top of the generator. Each fountain has a water gauge in front, and on the last purifier on every machine there is a connection and stop cock for charging portable fountains. Machines intended to be run with power are furnished with packing boxes and shafts at the back end of apparatus, thus avoiding belting and pulleys in front. Glass water-gauges, force pumps, etc., are attached to order.

Fig. 179   Osterberg's Apparatus

Fig. 179 - Osterberg's Apparatus.

Madlener's Intermittent Apparatus

This apparatus is made of copper and block-tin lined. The flow of acid from the vitriol chamber to the generating chamber is regulated by a screw or bolt, instead of a lever, to the nut of which a crank is attached. By the use of this crank the flow of acid can be regulated by the operator. This apparatus, manufactured by Ph. Madlener in Milwaukee, Wis., is put up in varying capacities.

Fig. 180.   Madlener's Intermittent Apparatus

Fig. 180. - Madlener's Intermittent Apparatus.