In France they construct the "Ozouf" apparatus, which may be classed among the semi-continuous.

This apparatus, Fig. 208, takes but little space. In the interior of cylinder C is the generator, acid chamber and purifier. Both the latter are in the upper portion of the cylinder; the generator is of lead, the purifier of copper and tin lined, the cylinder C of sheet iron. D is the agitator for the generator. The globular cylinder A is the mixer for water and gas, the agitator for it is D. The pump P is to inject water in cylinder A after a charge is exhausted. M is a French quicksilver manometer, opposite is the water gauge. R E F is the discharge cock with bottling arrangement.

Fig. 208.   French (Ozouf) Apparatus

Fig. 208. - French (Ozouf) Apparatus.

The Ozouf apparatus is also constructed with two generators, making them practically continuous in operation.