Alight, white powder, permanent in the air, odorless, having an alkaline taste, and an alkaline reaction. Soluble in 130 parts of water at 15° C. (59° F.), and in about the same proportion of boiling water; insoluble in alcohol. The salt is soluble in acids with copious effervescence. When a mineral acid enters as a component into the combination of an artificial mineral water, it is used to dissolve the lithium carbonate therein, otherwise it must be separately dissolved in plenty of water, as it would probably be left on the filter if mixed and dissolved with other components, being so difficult to dissolve. In trifling quantities it may be dissolved with other soluble components, but the best method is to keep it in ready-made solution.


Dissolve one part by weight in 999 parts of distilled water, when it can be easily and conveniently used. Proportion 1000 to 1, which will be not inconvenient, as lithium carbonate is used in but very small quantities. Lithium Bi-carbonate has been substituted by lithium carbonate in the proper equivalents.