This oil is obtained from the kernel of the seed of the nutmeg tree, growing on the Molucca Islands and cultivated in various parts of India, West Indies and South America. The nutmeg seed is ground and distilled by the aid of steam, yielding about two to three per cent-, selected nutmegs as much as eight per cent. It is a colorless or pale-yellowish, limpid oil, specific gravity 0.920 to 0.950, has an agreeable aromatic odor, a warm taste, is readily soluble in alcohol, commences to boil at 160° 0. (320° F.).

Application - In the manufacture of carbonated beverages it enters into compound flavors.

Essence Of Nutmeg

Cut one ounce of the oil with eight ounces of alcohol, and eight ounces of water, as generally directed.

Tincture Of Nutmeg

Macerate one pound of bruised nutmegs, in five pints of diluted alcohol; filter.

The Oil of Mace, which is distilled from the flowers of the tree and the shell of the nutmeg, is, according to Roller's investigations, identical with the oil of nutmeg.

The so-called nutmeg cutter (the expressed oil of nutmeg) is sometimes erroneously called oil of mace, and has no application in the bottling trade.