This is the volatile oil of the fruit of the allspice tree, found in Central America, Northern South America, and upon the West Indies, and is obtained from the ground allspice, by distilling with water or by means of steam, the oil coming over usually in two fractions - a lighter and a heavier one, which are mixed, the yield being about four per cent. It is a colorless or pale-yellow oil, becoming darker and thicker by age. Its specific gravity is given as 1.0374 at 10° C. (50° F.). In taste it resembles oil of cloves, and is, like that, freely soluble in alcohol.

Essence Of Pimento

Cut one ounce of the oil with eight ounces of alcohol, and eight ounces of water, in the usual way, and filter. Tincture of Pimento. - Macerate one ounce of pimento, bruised, in five ounces of diluted alcohol; filter. Or employ one-half ounce of pimento, and one-half ounce of cinnamon or cassia.