This set of carbonating machinery embodies all of Puffer's patent improvements: gas dome, equalizing valve, propelling and repropelling agitator, low-down lever and lock, safety or relief valve, surface and quantity gauge, and anti-clogging valve, described already on page 257.

Generator and fountains are made of iron, and lined as the other Puffer apparatus already described. An injecting pump may be connected with this apparatus if desired, or worked without it.

Puffer s Carbonating Apparatus 195Fig. 197.   Puffer's Upright Generator

Fig. 197. - Puffer's Upright Generator.

Fig. 196 is a set of apparatus of this style, and may consist of one generator and but one or several fountains as desired. The generator is made with and without gas dome.

Fig. 197 is a generator made of copper in different sizes for charging portable fountains for the dispensing counter. To the generator is attached a pressure-gauge and safety-valve.