This cut represents a complete outfit or plant of English manufacture, > and it can be seen at a glance that the American system has been adapted. The machines are constructed principally of copper. A is the generator, C C and D D stationary cylinders. P is the pump for supplying the water to either cylinder as described. In the first instance, the two cylinders are filled nearly full of pure water, and then charged up to a sufficient pressure, when the cocks T and L are closed. The pipe N leads to the bottling machine, and when desired the carbonated water is let on by turning either of the cocks M. When either cylinder is empty the cock is closed, and a further supply of water pumped in with pump P. The water is gauged in the cylinders by the glasses S. After filling with water the carbonic acid gas is let on by turning cock as before, and by agitating with the handles, and another charge of carbonated water is made. The gas passes through the two washers E E.

Fig. 198.   English Intermittent Apparatus

Fig. 198. - English Intermittent Apparatus.

Generator and cylinders are made of copper, the former lead, the latter tin lined.

The portable cylinders are charged by having a charging pipe at-tached to purifier or washer E.