The next engraving represents a continuous apparatus of the Russian type.

This style is manufactured in Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Odessa, and combines all three systems. The continuous action of the apparatus is explained by the illustration. The separate and globular-shaped generator with acid chamber on top and four gas washers attached, has furthermore a globular device adjusted or suspended between the principal parts, which serves both as a pressure equalizer and gas dome to arrest and hold the effervescence and stop as much as possible the passage of any material from the contents of the generator. The gas enters the gasometer from the purifiers, and from there is drawn by the pump and forced through a separate upright cylinder which serves as repurgator (compare Figures 117 and 118) either alone (semi-continuous plan) or in conjunction and combination with the water (continuous plan). The water reservoir is adjusted within the frame of the pump, and receives its supply from a suitably placed filter or a cistern. The cylinders are large enough to permit their being worked semi-continuously also, as described in Chapter XII (The Continuous Carbonating System (English Plan))., viz.: fill in water previously and force in the gas separately, and then bottle until empty, when the operation is to be repeated. The continuous operation or either process can be carried on in either one of the cylinders independently. Both the cylinders are also directly connected with the generator or purifiers respectively, and with the gasometer by the same tubing, which permits their charge without the use of the pump by the intermittent process, viz.: by chemical pressure or the expansive power of the gas, as circumstances may require. The discharge of the fountains is at the bottom by suitable tubing. The attached bottling apparatus combines both syphon filler and ordinary corkiug and filling machine, but should be better separated where a large business is to be done. The general construction and the material employed with this apparatus is similar to the others described. The plan we may call the "Russian plan;" it is a combination of the Bramah, Geneva and Intermittent System.

Fig. 126.   Horizontal Glass Cylinder

Fig. 126. - Horizontal Glass Cylinder.

Fig. 127.   Russian Continuous Apparatus

Fig. 127. - Russian Continuous Apparatus.

Other Russian Continuous Apparatus are built after the French plan, which is also extensively in use, or after the German plan. Both are frequently found in Russia and Southern Europe, or combinations therefrom.