All syphons should be tested by the manufacturer to stand at least 300 lbs. of pressure. As soon as received from the manufacturer they should be filled with "plain" soda water, and allowed to remain closed for at least one day. If there be any imperfection in the "packing" or metal it will thus be discovered, and may be early remedied. If an air pump is available the carbonator may advantageously employ it to test his syphons.

Breakage And Accidents

The large number of accidents that are constantly occurring from bursting syphons is due more to ignorance than carelessness of handling. Manufacturers should warn their customers that during sudden changes of temperature syphons containing mineral water become dangerous. A rapid rise of the thermometer will sometimes increase the pressure 100 per cent, and produce violent explosion.

Placing a syphon suddenly into a vessel containing ice, will almost invariably shatter the bottle into fragments, often causing serious injury.