We append a few practical formulae:

Formula I

Plain Tincture. - Tonka beans, one ounce; alcohol, diluted, ten ounces; cut the tonka beans in small fragments and macerate.

Formula II

Tonka and Wine. - A tincture of fine aroma is prepared by digesting one pound of tonka beans, cut in small slices, in two pints of white wine, and one-half pint of strong alcohol in a closed vessel, applying gentle heat for a few days. When cool filter.

Formula III

Compound Tincture. - A tincture, imitating to some extent the vanilla flavor, prepare as follows: Tonka beans, five ounces; vanilla beans, one ounce; cinnamon, one ounce; alcohol, diluted, seventy ounces. Cut the beans into small pieces, bruise the cinnamon, and macerate. Instead of preparing this tincture from the drugs, a mixture of the tinctures of tonka, vanilla and cinnamon in the same proportion will answer if they are on hand.