Two kinds of denatured alcohol are recognised, viz.: -

(a). With 7 litres of crude wood spirit; or

(6). With 12 litres of colourless wood spirit, per hectolitre of alcohol calculated at 50° strength. The alcohol employed must be of at least 85° strength.

The spirit {a) is intended for general use, and is allowed to be employed without restriction, on condition that it is not purified or used in articles of human consumption.

The spirit (b) is only allowed for industrial purposes and under authorisation.

Alcohol for vinegar making is denatured by the addition, to each hectolitre of spirit at 50°, of 2 hectolitres of water and 1 hectolitre of vinegar of 4 per cent. acid strength; or 20 litres of vinegar of 4 per cent. acid strength with 20 litres of raisin juice; or 20 litres of the vinegar alone if the revenue officials see the mixture added to the acetification vessels.