"Again I drink! And lo, there seems A calmer light to fill my dreams!"

Mix one half tablespoonful of cornstarch with a little cold milk. Scald a quart of milk in, a double boiler, then add the cornstarch and cook fifteen minutes. Grate two ounces of chocolate, mix with two tablespoonfuls of boiling water, three tablespoonfuls of sugar, and a little salt. Stir constantly until the mixture is very smooth, and then add to the hot milk. Beat until foamy.

Foamy Chocolate

Cook until smooth, four ounces of chocolate, four tablespoonfuls of sugar, a saltspoonful of salt, and four tablespoonfuls of boiling water. Stir constantly for about ten minutes, then add two and one half quarts of scalded milk and beat until frothy with an egg beater. Flavor with a teaspoonful of vanilla and a little cinnamon. Serve with a spoonful of whipped cream in each cup.

Delicious Chocolate

Grate two ounces (two squares) of bitter chocolate, and mix with enough boiling water to make a thin paste. Add this to one quart of scalded milk, with one cupful of sugar, and cook for five or ten minutes. Beat whites of two eggs very stiff and add gradually two mashed bananas mixed with two tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar. Serve a spoonful of banana cream on top of each cup of hot chocolate. Will serve six people.

Marshmallow Chocolate

Grate two and one half squares of vanilla chocolate and mix with enough boiling water to make a thin paste. Add this to one quart of scalded milk with enough sugar to sweeten, and a pinch of salt. Beat with an egg beater for a few minutes. Place two marshmallows in each cup, and pour the hot chocolate over them.


Mix one pound of rice flour, two tablespoonfuls of arrowroot, half a pound of powdered sugar, and one half pound of grated chocolate. Keep in an airtight jar. Make the same as chocolate, allowing four dessertspoonfuls to one quart of milk.

Combination Chocolate

Mix one pint of milk with one pint of cold water and bring to a boil. Add three tablespoonfuls of grated chocolate, moistened with water to make a thin paste. Cook about five minutes. Heat one pint of strong coffee with one pint of hot milk: do not boil but have very hot. Pour both liquids at the same time into a hot pot from a height of eighteen inches. Sweeten to taste and serve with toasted crackers.

Iced Chocolate

Make according to recipe for plain chocolate. Put in shaker with one egg, three fourths of a cup of milk and finely chopped ice, and shake thoroughly. Serve in tall glasses with whipped cream.

Mexican Iced Chocolate

Scald one pint of milk with one fourth cup of finely ground coffee and a small piece of stick cinnamon, and strain. Grate four squares of chocolate and add one half cup of boiling water and one half cup of sugar, and boil five minutes, stirring constantly to make very smooth. Add the chocolate to the scalded milk and coffee, and when cool flavor with two teaspoonfuls of vanilla. When ready to serve add four cups of cold milk and chill thoroughly. Serve with crushed ice and whipped cream in each glass.