Tincture Of Balsam Of Peru And Of Tolu

Digest one ounce of the balsam with eight of rectified spirit, for some days, shaking it occasionally. Then filter. Tincture of benzoin in the same manner.

Tincture Of Musk

Musk two drachms, rectified spirit twelve ounces.

Essence Of Vanilla

Vanilla, cut very small, two ounces; rectified spirit one pint. Infuse for three days.

Essence Of Verbena

Essential oil of verbena two drachms, rectified spirit four ounces, essence of ambergris one-half drachm. Mix.

Essence Of Nerolia

Spirit of wine one-half pint, oil of orange peel one drachm, orris root, in powder, two drachms; musk, two grains. Let it stand in a warm place three days, and strain.

Flavoring Essence

Oil of bitter almonds eight drops, oil of lemon five drops, oil of cinnamon four drops, oil of nutmegs eight drops, high proof spirit one pint. One to two drops added to each bottle, in bottling cordials that have little or no perfume.

Essence Of Bitter Almonds

Oil of bitter almonds one ounce, spirits ole-pint

Spirit Of Roses

One pint of clean spirit, otto of roses twenty drops.

Esprit De Bouquet

Oil of lavender, oil of cloves, and of bergamot, of each two drachms; otto of roses ten drops, oil of cinnamon five drops, essence of musk one drachm, clean spirit one pint, for wines.

Eau De Millefleurs

Rectified spirit two pints, balsam of Peru one quarter of an ounce, essence of bergamot one-half ounce, oil of cloves one quarter of an ounce, essence of nerolia one-half drachm, essence of musk one drachm. Mix the above, Is used for brandies and cordials.

Essences From The Essential Oils

All essences are prepared from the oil. For example, half an ounce of the oil to one pint of clean spirit will form a pint of strong essence. Take of any of the following oils: - Oil of cedar almonds, anise, bergamot, bitter almonds, caraway, cassia, cinnamon, cloves, horsemint, jessamine, juniper, lavender, lemons, mace, marjoram, mustard, nutmeg, origanum, peppermint, pimento, rosemary, roses, sassafras, spearmint, sweet marjoram, thyme. These, it will be observed, either singly or combined, form the base of all our perfumes.

Orris Root

As the manufacturer makes use of this root extensively, a description of it will not be out of place, the better to enable the consumer to become a judge of it. This plant is a native of Italy, and other parts of the south of Europe. The root is dug up in the spring, and prepared for market by the removal of its cuticle and fibres.

It is prepared in pieces of various forms and sizes, often branched, usually about as thick as the thumb, knotty, flattened, white, heavy, of rough, though not fibrous fracture; of a pleasant odor, resembling that of the violet, and a bitterish, acrid taste. The acrimony is greater in the recent than in the dried root, but the peculiar smell is more decidedly developed in the latter. The pieces are brittle and easily pow-dered, and the powder is of a dirty white color.

One gallon of clean spirit (proof), and eight ounces of orris root bruised. Digest for ten days, and strain. This is suited for fine brandies, all of the imitation wines, and enters into the composition of cordials, in some instances, singly; or combined, for instance, in the brandies. It is combined with acetic ether in fine gin, with juniper essence. In the wines in different proportions, as will be seen in the Formulas.