Rectified Whiskey

Take of raw whiskey, twenty gallons; water, twenty gallons; tincture of Guinea pepper, one and a half gallons; tincture of pellitory, one pint; strong decoction of Samqua tea, three quarts; but on a bead of oil and acid (see Beading Mixture); and add one and a half pints of sugar coloring, and a tumbler or glass full of tincture of red sanders, which gives a slight reddish tinge to the fluid, which makes it very desirable, and causes it to sample well; and is a great improvement on the old style of coloring. This spirit is sometimes prepared without the filtering process, though if the mixture had been filtered, it would have greatly improved its general qualities.

All liquors made according to this plan should be filtered before the stimulants, coloring, etc. are added.

New York Brandy

Filtered whiskey, twenty gallons; clear water, seventeen gallons; tincture of Guinea pepper, one and a half gallons; tincture of pellitory, one pint; strong decoction of tea, one gallon: if required, add a bead. Color with burnt sugar and sanders, viz. a quart of good bodied sugar coloring, and one pint of tincture of red sanders; and add four ounces of nitric ether, and half a gallon of tincture of prunes. (See directions for making this tincture under the head of Ethers.)

Cognac Brandy

Filtered whiskey, twenty-five gallons; clear water, fourteen gallons; tincture of pepper, one gallon; decoction of strong tea, one and a half gallons; add six drops of oil of orange dissolved in a wine glass full of alcohol; acetic ether, one pound. Color with burnt sugar, and sanders to suit taste.

New York Gin

Perfectly clear filtered whiskey, twenty-five gallons; clear water, ten gallons; clear tincture of grains of paradise of double strength, one gallon;one drachm of oil of juniper dissolved in a gill of alcohol. Sometimes a small portion of turpentine is added; that is, when the grain oil is perceptible to the smell. If finings should be necessary, use alum. (For full di tections, look under the head of Filings.)

Pineapple Brandy

Same as New York Brandy. - Manufacturers in all large cities have different brands for the same article. These local names will not be noticed only where the recipe presents some feature in its composition that would be available.

Peach Brandy

Filtered whiskey, twenty-five gallons; water, ten gallons; grains of paradise, one gallon; tea, one gallon; color with burnt sugar, one quart; add acetic ether, twelve ounces; one wine-glassful of water of ammonia.

Cherry Bounce

Clarified sugar, twenty-five pounds; whiskey, twenty gallons; water, thirty gallons. The sugar to be dissolved in the water. Of the oil of cloves, oil of cassia, and oil of almonds, dissolve one hundred drops of each in a wine glass of alcohol; color a deep, beautiful red with the tincture of red Banders. To the above add two gallons of tincture of grains of paradise.


This is prepared from neutral spirit. The spirit is let down to any proof with water, ana an artificial strength given with grains of paradise, and five to ten gallons of Jamaica rum added to every forty gallons; and when desired, colored with burnt sugar.