Doors of good pattern in various woods may be obtained ready-made in standard sizes. They should be of the same general finish as the trim and other woodwork. Doors of uniform height on each floor contribute to unity of effect. The width may be varied for convenience.

Mantelpieces, cornices, and picture-moldings.

Any wood used in connection with such features as fireplaces should be consistent in character and finish with the other trim of the room. The mantel should be planned with and for the room, not purchased ready-made and grafted upon it. Likewise any tile or brick facings used in the fireplace should harmonize in texture and color with the entire decorative scheme.

A cornice of wood like the trim may mark the intersection of ceiling and side wall and should of course be finished like the other woodwork. A picture-molding marking this intersection is an effective finish for low rooms or those of ordinary height. A picture-molding so placed should be heavier than one lower on the wall. In some cases, a second molding may be used on the wall some distance below the one at the ceiling. This second molding then becomes the picture-rail.